How to Rough up Cowboy Boots

No longer a secret that in recent seasons most fashionable boots shoes are considered low or go with a small square heel. One of the fashion trends this season are considered rude rude boots with metal spikes or thin straps. Lovers experiment quickly to experience the cowboy image and came rough boots for women. For those who still doubt offer some pictures of what you can wear boots rough remain stylish and at the same time feminine.

Women Boots Rough

If you select the correct image, biker boots can be worn with jeans, pants, shirts and dresses.
So, our first image, a combination of brutality and femininity. Rough boots with dress would look better if you choose a leather jacket, combined with shoes, suggested by Programingplease. Wearing a pale blue light long dress in black boots with bands of rough square heel, throw on top stylish short leather jacket with epaulets, metal inserts and sleeves in three quarters, which has already received a memorable image. As such, it will not go unnoticed, and your friends are sure to celebrate their unique taste.
The second image, classic casual. Going for a walk, put your favorite jeans skinni, warm sweater and fashion boots rough with high legs. In the comfortably cowboy boots to go low you most enjoy walking and socializing with friends. Besides the cool autumn days your feet will be protected from the cold and moisture. And if instead of boots you choose to wear cowboy short rough square heel, add your image, you can use the original scarf, shawl or cardigan.
But, remember one rule that a male style does not tolerate nonsense, so do not decorate various accessories. Since it combines minimalism, so choosing cowboy boots, all kinds of trinkets and sweets bags left for classic shoes.