How to Walk in Shoes with Heels

How do your friend to run all day in heels while you can’t? The Podiatrist English Margaret Dabbs teaches us to listen to our feet.

  • Cause its arch

The arch area automatically adapts to all forms of shoes in which slide you it.If you live in Converse, then your feet will be flatter than a woman who has used her arches to wear heels regularly. Someone who is wearing heels everyday may have trouble getting back flat as the Arch of the foot is important and the Achilles tendon has shortened.

  • How wide?

Wide feet need space. If you compress your feet in shoes that are too narrow, you may press the side of the big toe, with the possibility of developing a Bunion, and crush your toes. The pain can come from the shape of the shoe as well as the height of the heel.

  • Spread the weight

Very high stilettos put all the weight on the front of the foot, which can cause burning pain under your toes or calluses under the plant. Thicker heels will better distribute the weight, along with compensated heels.

  • Forget stiff soled shoes…

Impossible to walk in mules, but the platforms are still more aggressive. The stiffness of the sole forces you to rely on your ankle and trampling is terrible for the knees.

  • Vary the height

Regularly change the height of your heels. Thus, your feet are not accustomed to some form. Throughout the day, you can change your shoes-wear sneakers for the ride, the heels for a meeting and shoes with soles for the drinks in the evening. 4 centimetres of heel, it’s ideal. By varying the height, you will keep the flexibility of your arches and the comfort of your feet.