How to Wear Chanel Sneakers

French brand Chanel encourage customers to not only dress, fashion, elegant handbags and jewelry available but stylish shoes. When people talk about the brand shoes immediately arise association with classic black quilted transport and delicate ballet flats, but now on the agenda – a completely different trend. Today we meet sneakers Chanel women. As it turned out, the brand contributes not only to the aristocracy and elegance, but also comfort and casual style. So what are they running shoes by Chanel?

How to Wear Chanel Sneakers

The Original Shoes

Karl Lagerfeld does not produce classic shoes, but resist the temptation to create elegant shoes for women that can not. Chanel’s chief designer was able to design shoes that became an epitome of tenderness and romance. Shoes latest collection this year consists of fine lace, sequins and shiny traditional brand boucle fabric. In recent stroke were spectacular light chiffon lace, which are like cobwebs wrapped shoes. It should be noted that each pair of shoes production took about 30 hours, but their price is more than 4000 Dollars.

Very impressive is their shoe collection last year. Then Karl Lagerfeld inspired floral arrangements and he presented sneakers decorated with textural colors. These models look very bright and spectacular as advanced instantly captured the hearts of fashion.

Sport Models

The only line of brand sports shoes sneakers were Chanel sneakers defined by Digopaul. It is a cross between sneakers and shoes. Footwear has thin rubber sole, laces and low free, but her sock is created in the image of the trunk. Side shoes decorated with contrasting inserts depicting flowers.