How to Wear Shoes Without Half – the Definitive Guide

The art of How to wear shoes without half is not only useful to relieve your feet in warmth but also gives a lot of personality and elegance of style.

Join the sockless style, or simply wearing shoes without half has been growing in recent years.

And the purpose of this guide is to show you when to use and because it’s a great option!

Hey everybody, right?

If you’re a fan of wearing shoes without stocking and don’t know how and when to use, at the end of this comprehensive guide all doubts will disappear!

This is an article translated and adapted, with some extra information, you can also check the original article in English.

Starting with when using…

When Wearing Shoes Without Socks

As stated, the sockless style gives a lot of personality in your style, and your most common use is in more casual situations.

For more showing elegance, doesn’t mean you can go to a wedding or black tie party without your pair of socks, no.

You can use in almost any occasion. With the exception of business meetings or very formal environments.

Everything will depend on your common sense.

If your work environment is informal, or even if you’re going to perform some work that doesn’t require socks, all right.

HOW To Wear Shoes Without Socks

Like we always say here, if you want to break the rules, it’s nice to meet them before!

Let’s not get deeply into dress codes, or dress codes, but we explain some dress codes and everyday situations for you to use.

Dress codes or dress codes, are what we call clothing rules for a given situation.

For example black tieparties, require black tieoutfits, which are full regalia.

In this case the dress code is very restricted, is 8 or 80, there aren’t many options and variations.

Smart Casual Or Sport Thin

Basically the smart casual, is a portmanteau of a formal suit with a lighter air and relaxed.

Obviously is more complex with it, but just understand the initial idea to use our shoes with no socks.

Here in Brazil, the vast majority of sites is hot all year round, so the smart casual or fine sport is one of the alternatives of how to wear shoes without socks.

In everyday life, for outings, lunches and casual situations.

Don’t get too attached to the rules, you set the correct balance, remembering to link the formal look lighter.

A good choice of shoe is the monk strap, he gives a very elegant visual mainly without socks.

The name says it all, but where does the “semi”?

This style is more subjective, the idea is that your visual has to pass a formal air, but not strictly you have to wear a tie or blazer template and etc.

The semi formal is a formal dress code more open and allows you to join the sockless.

What more enhances the semi formal shoes, the higher the quality, the better your visual.

Can use of leather and suede, but don’t forge

How To Wear Shoes Without Half-Brogue Model

Brogues are more difficult to use than the loafers, after all the loafers shoes to be used exclusively without socks.

The style of the brogue is more sophisticated, its details are more elaborate and elegant. That is, they are great with a clothing style fine sport.

How have those drawings already drilled brogues, when you wear them without socks, the highlight is greater still.

By combining brogues with sockless in neutral colors and designs, you will create a sober and elegant appearance.

Combine with patterns and colors bolder, you create a unique and eccentric style.

Just choose!

How To Wear Shoes Without Half-Model Loafer

Loafers are very easy to use, they are designed to be worn without socks. If you have any questions about which shoe to start using, dynamite.

They are versatile and go well thin sport style until the semi formal.

If you want a bold look, like a semi formal with no socks, choose a classic Penny Loafer or Gucci Loafer.

If you want a visual sport style thin, opt for a Tassel Loafer in leather or suede.

How To Wear Shoes Without Half-Moccasin Model And Dockside

If you are going on a walk on the beach, or Park for a Sunday lunch, docksides and moccasins are a great choice.

To match these shoes don’t have much mystery, opt for a thin sport style, and even more casual styles work.

Just add a blazer for more formal occasions.

How To Wear Shoes Without Half-Model Monk Strap

Tennis? Of course, tennis without half is a very elegant option to fashionstreetwear.

Nowadays they can also be easily used without socks. All you need to do is to choose the right kind of tennis.

The tennis crew socks are obviously best for the sockless. As for the color, white is the evidence of errors, but you can combine with other colors.

But white is still the best option, it gives an elegant look to your style.

So In Short How To Use Shoes With No Socks

Understand that each style has its peculiarities.

Choose the shoe according to the look you want to have.

Learn how to save your leather and suede.

Balance the shoe with your visual and has common sense.

If you’re using, choose white sneakers, lend an air more elegant

And if you are in doubt, learn the How to buy shoes

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