How to Wear Summer Ankle Boots

By summer shoes presented many claims, it should be easy, elegant, practical and highly desirable spectacular. All these requirements correspond boots summer 2015 – each model extravagant cloth made of cotton or leather tanning fine not create discomfort even on hot days. What exactly this type of footwear styles offer artists, designers for this summer?
Speaking of common models trends represented in the collection this year, it should be noted blocks for the processing of variation, it can be absolutely flat sole, high or low wedgies, classic stable heel, heel brain fifth-hairpin as well as platform and heel typical boots. Each of these options in their own good and fully appropriate, but if you just follow fashion, we note that most modern heel – hairpin!

Delicate Heels Boots

Particularly impressive is the high thin heel combined with legs made ​​of lace or lace material. No less interesting is the top are made ​​of thin strips of leather that make a variety of networks and complex models. These elegant shoes heels should closely encircle the leg. Rope snaps, buckles adorn not only shoes, but also help to give it the desired shape – fully playable outline feet.
Flexibility “lace” shoes by PARADISDACHAT (a shopping blog).

Knit Boots with Ribbon

With open shoes not only look chic, they are also universal. Versatility is that they equally well with both dresses made ​​of expensive fabrics and things made ​​of calico, satin, denim material. They can be worn with evening gowns or cocktail, and as they will look with simple summer skirts, Sarafan, shorts, dresses.
Boots made ​​of lace or lace material and placed on the lower pad is also important. Most models have such a plan or widely available free-accordion.

Beige Boots Summer

Open toe boots – definitely a very practical solution designers: foot should breathe. More comfortable summer boots with an open toe and open heel. Some designers have gone further, creating the model of boots, which resembles the bottom of a very open sandals or even shale. The novelty of the season were boots, gladiator – the open model with low sole.

What is in Fashion Boots, Tall or Short?

height of the shoes ranged from a low of freebies, barely covering the ankle with a very high – above the knee. The best option – to the knee. This is the height of most models are presented designer for this season.

Color Picker Summer Shoes

Color plays an important role. Very popular are black and white, they are just to wear every color. However, there are interesting patterns of bright colors – red, yellow, blue and others. Welcome to “expensive” color – the color of gold and silver. They can be used as a background pattern for treatment. Sewing summer shoes this year is different fabrics and prints, drawings colors divorce. Pay attention! Trend of the season, of course, was the color nyud, which includes a whole range of shades of beige – maximum saturated with off-white. Summer shoes are like a caramel color scheme for all clothing ensemble.

Denim Boots

Along with models made ​​of lace, knitwear, leather, satin, still in fashion shoes with denim. These boots are absolutely “unpretentious” – they can be worn with things like sports and classic. The final version will look maybe a little “wrong”, but very extravagant! And it is to this day call fashion fashion – do not be afraid of bold decisions that are contrary to the accepted canons of styles and colors.
Perhaps women of fashion will be difficult to choose this year’s summer shoes – models are very diverse and with the exception of general trends in fashion (form pads, material and color), almost twice.
The first years when summer boots, each model was unexpected. Today, this shoe can not be surprised to attract the views of others, a woman should not be afraid to wear the most extravagant model that attracts the attention of contrast medium and style, bright colors, unusual applications or open, decorative buttons, rivets, lace, organza trim, hand-knitted fabric or work stylized copyright.
Also that summer boots at the height of fashion, they are also very convenient: the cloth or leather boots is not hot, they rather cover too bright sunlight. Do not store in fashion – do not forget to buy until the summer at least one such pair of original shoes!