How to Wear Your Shoes Cool

“You’re never pretty careful on the choice of your shoes.” said the fashion designer Christian Dior. Some details can give a cheap style to your shoes and undermine the credibility of your outfit… We give you the key to avoid fashion missteps!

1- The (very) high heels shoes

Wear shoes with heels of at least 8 cm, it can not be improvised! There are an impressive number of models in all price ranges, which increases the risk of appearing cheap if one does not keep some details.

Side material, high heels saw to the side cheap when they are painted or plastic. Better focus on fabrics such as leather or suede. More elegant, they better protect your foot while providing comfort! As for the styles of heels, offset heeled shoes sculpt your foot without being vulgar! If you opt for the stilettos, stay in tones felted for a glamorous but distinguished style. As the platform shoes, they are certainly practical but devoid of chic when the very wide table combines a very thin heel too connoted Drag Queen! For this type, opt for large, square heels. Stable and aesthetic, they also give you a look very70s !

At the level of the look, we avoid the too short skirt or even jogging and we put on a casual chic with a slim or a Bohemian look with pants flare !

The cheap kind

2 -The flashy

Neon shoes remain a bold choice to adopt carefully. Their shimmering appearance becomes quickly flashy! A painted color and very flashy in roses or red will easily fall into the artificial kind, especially if she dressed all of the shoe.

You can opt for a version of bi – color or tri – color that combines mattes shades and pigmented for more sophistication. Side look, we avoid materials satinées for don’t tip in mind too much! It is in a strict outfit your flashy shoes will have as much allure! They become the detail that makes fly!

The cheap kind

3 – Shoe leather

The strong trend of gender offers us a multitude of women’s leather shoes such as the models richelieu or derbies. There are indications of size on their quality. Among all the criteria that make up a shoe, some are very visible. It would take very little to make your boyish style lands in the cheap category!

Particularly observe the appearance of the leather which grain must be smooth and regular. If it’s a hollow leather, he reveals the “wrinkles” and reveals a bad quality. “Sewn”, i.e. the Assembly of the leather of the shoe on the sole is also capital. The shoe should be sewn with close points (5 points per cm) for assured elegance. A meticulous sewing with refined details guarantee the solidity of the shoe.

4 -The relief

Padded effect, nails, buckles, chains, zippers zipped, the shoe takes relief in several forms. An overload of volumes strongly you can make for the fault of ultimate taste and style too hard!

The relief is by small sleek buttons. Avoid flashy or colorful style. All of the shoe should also be uniform, with simple lines. The relief offers, more character to the shoe without him taking off his original presence.

The chic style of the cheap kind

5-The animal print

Leopard in python task, passing by the Zebra, the jungle trend gaining ground until our feet! Put on wild print can become cheap, even vulgar, depending on the model and how to wear it. If you opt for a pair of shoes completely printed, opt for simple materials and mattes, avoid the synthetic or satin him. The print becomes too sophisticated in style bi-material, for example combining a way foal leather and smooth leather.

Look, the idea is to enhance print and avoid tarnishing it in an already colorful outfit or too destroy. The minimalist or casual will offer a more harmonious look. We put on neutral colors such as white cream, anthracite grey, the nude.

The chic style of the cheap kind

6-Shiny style

Too flashy, shoes that shine will quickly switch to the side kitch !

Rather than steer you toward the accumulation of glitter or diamonds to the highly overrated look, opt for a smoother look like metallic leather that gives a touch of glamour and shimmering but unified. If you opt for a style glitter, avoid warm colours such as pink or orange that will only highlight the side girl! Bet on neutral tones such as white, gray or black. Wear them with flat shoes with high heels that accentuate the effect too much!

The chic style of the cheap kind

7-The foot wrap

Even if you fall for a pair and form difficult to wrap your foot, play it safe! Don’t buy them hoping to expand it! A pair that is too small will give your feet a swollen appearance while distorting the shoe. To avoid your shoes deform, observe the resistance of the foothills, which is the back of the shoe.

The cheap kind

8The fantasies of all kinds

Nodes, ribbons, flowers, or even the FishNet: often, the shoe that will accessorize devalues us! The very customized effect removes the original style of the shoe in a coarse way.

These ornaments should therefore be moderately and merge with the model of shoe. Rather than falling for a big bow on the front or the back of your pump, opt for a light version in a strict form in the same tones as the shoe like a Ribbon that is tied around the ankle. Color, avoid the shades too garish and adopt simply black or pastel tones.

Chic style