Increase The Injury Caused by The Use of High Heels

At HowStuffWorks we have tried on several occasions the issue of the use of high heels, analyzing the possible risks of its use, both continued as sporadic.

But this study conducted by the University of Alabama in Birmingham gives details about the huge number of injuries due to the use of high heels that have suffered from the women in the United States between 2002 and 2012. Let’s look at the numbers:

High heel shoes involved in accidents and injuries

The study to which I refer was published in may 2015 in the magazine The Jourtal of Foot and Ankle surgery (here you have the abstract in English).

Study focuses on injuries suffered by American women using high heel shoes, with the result that in the time period analyzed (as you have pointed out, between the years 2002 and 2012) the injury by the use of high heels have doubled in United States.

The year with the largest number of injuries was 2011, with a total of about 19000. In general, the greatest number of injuries suffered them women aged between 20 and 30 years of age.

Heels: its use and abuse

From HowStuffWorks have commented that the excessive use of too-tight shoes and high heels It may cause various problems, such as contraction and muscle imbalances, problems and deformities such as bunions and other problems.

For example, alter the balance and posture, increase the effort on his knees (in the long run can promote degenerative processes), as well as problems such as instability or weak ankles (which makes them prone to injury) and wounds, abrasions and discomfort in the feet.

The routine use of too high heels and narrow and uncomfortable shoes (it seems that) more matter of aesthetics that functionality or health) causes multiple problems in short, medium and long term.

If add you data from the study, with the high number of accidents directly caused by the use of high heels, I think there are reasons more than enough to emphasize the intelligent use of this type of footwear.

We take this opportunity to remember some tips to take care of the muscles that are affected with the use of high heels and some tips to reduce the negative impact of this type of footwear, taking into account that the sensible is to use a comfortable footwear and footwear use too high, or uncomfortable, the shortest possible time.

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