Indoor Soccer Shoes, Very Light and Comfortable

With many years in the market, futsal Topper sneakers are already well known to the public who likes to practice or have already practiced some sport. Besides sponsoring many soccer clubs, the brand is present in the sport with a great variety of models for all modalities in sport.

Indoor Soccer Shoes, Very Light and Comfortable

Topper sneakers are made with state-of-the-art materials, guaranteeing quality comfort and durability, and are offered with a variety of designs, making the brand one of the favorites in the sports world.

Of the many models available on the market we highlight the Topper Running Ice model which is one of the models of the brand that is very light and flexible.

This model of tennis is special for walks and small races and to favor in this sport it is made with Mesh technology with details in silicone favoring the ventilation and the greater comfort of the feet.

The shoe midsole is made in EVA with many fragments guaranteeing the greater absorption to the impacts and greater lightness of the footwear.

The sole of the footwear has a very special rubber that is very resistant and lighter than the traditional rubber, allowing positive adhesion to the ground.

With all these qualities this sneaker still has a very affordable price in the market.