Jessie J: Never of again High Heels

In the future, Jessie J waives shoes with heel.

The singer (‘price tag ‘) broke some time ago her left foot and now plans to be wearing high shoes. The injury had shown her that it is more important to go fairly comfortable as stylish through life. “The best fashion lesson I’ve learned is that you should wear no shoes, where you can not walk because it ruined the evening. Believe me, ever since I broke my foot and no high heels can contribute more, also my legs no longer do away me.” Their result from the incident: “I don’t think that I will wear heels again. I will probably buy a pair of aufgehübschte Skechers shoes me.”

Jessie, who suffered the fracture, as she jumped at the rehearsals for a concert by the stage, is for their flamboyant style known. No matter, how fancy clothes but may be, the singer sure always that the outfits are also handy. The ‘now’-Magazine tells them: “my fashion mantra is: wear something where you can go to the bathroom.” I must always remember.” Their ideas are always by her, explained it and doesn’t plan to copy stars such as Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani. “I’m 23, so I’m testing out like the boundaries of fashion, but not so far, go to an awards ceremony and while wearing a meat dress, or come as a Harajuku girl. People compare me with Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, but I’m not like the two at all.”