Kickers Star Wars Shoes

Urban style, elegance, and involved the saga universe

The famous brand of urban sneakers Kickers offers a new collection, inspired by the universe of the Star Wars space saga. The collection, exclusively male (Finally, for… large and small boys), will be available from the end of October 2015.

Each model is based on a character lighthouse of the saga and its main features. Each pair surfed so on the chromatic scale of the costume of the character and his role. You’ll find shoes Chewbacca, Boba  Fett, Darth Vader, Yoda, or even a model inspired by the strormtroopers.
With its collection Star Wars including 10 models, Kickers to su clothing involved the iconic style of the urban sports, with the universe of the saga and stylish sportswear.

Put Darth Vader at your feet

The brand offers models for children up to size 35, and male models that start at size 40. To put Star Wars at your feet, gentlemen, you’ll find such a model Vader, consisting of a rising Black mesh structure, enhanced backup leather, which closes with a shoelace and a velcro Strip black on the ankle. The model shows a thick sole rubber black tone-on-tone, jagged, and enhanced with a red border.

The Stormtrooper model consists of a rising and thickset in white mesh structure and reinforcements in White Leather garnished for topstitchings. The upper part of the model with laces is black, like the contrast of color of the costume of the Stormtrooper unit.Otherwise, you can still opt for shoes Bobba Fett or not from the dark side of the force, to those of Yoda.

Price: from 89 to 99 euros for child models, and 119 to 129 euros for men’s shoes.