Lady Gaga Debuts of Alexander McQueen Shoes

When the collection was presented in Paris in Spring-summer 2010 English designer seemed futuristic models would be something that we would not see in the street easily. After your shoes deserved a post apart to show it out of a science fiction film which were, and also believed that they would be.

As we have already known of two famous they premiered the collection Spring-summer 2010. Camille Belle a beautiful dress turquoise, white and blue, and now Lady Gaga. The singer does it his way, i.e. in conjunction with a theatrical costumes for their latest music video. The single Bad Romance shows a Lady suffering from love in the signature red and white lingerie Love.

And in outlets in white whose image is not well above that specifically use those shoes that look like carved and mamposteados of Alexander McQueen. The truth is that for the game of white lace is enough drama these shoes. Would not know with that combine clothes in real life. You?

You can see the video in full below.