Latest Winter Shoe Trends

The shoe made bold, the silhouette is redefined. Air time in four trends to follow closely.

On the trail of the tap stuffed

The statement is surreal: tap dancing in colorful winter fur. None of the words seems destined to live together with others. It’s the incongruity of the season. Embroidered pearls on fur pink or blue sheep at Miu Miu, evoking a portable animal very curly at Chloé, in salmon star of the collaboration of Puma and Rihanna, or barred a plate Golden at Stella Luna, the taste of the fool has spread. Between denial of reality-a sandal, was stuffed, does not warm the winter-and unquenchable thirst for new, fashion seems to have wanted to laugh a little.

Tap Miu Miu, autumn-winter 2016-2017

Credit: press

‘ Is Céline who, spring-summer 2013, initiated this stuffed tap colored,reminds Mai Nguyen, consultant of the firm trend Peclers.» The return of the Birkenstock had prepared the ground, as well as the tap of lifeguard worn with socks, view to the pool of Jacquemus parade in the fall-winter of 2013. Add to that a need to (re) fun comfort in a stressful world. and the return of fur, driven by a desire to convene the beginning. Because the origins of man are in tune with the times: the Museum of man has reopened in Paris, Obama renamed Mount McKinley, the highest point in the United States, his Indian name, Denali. The rock trend, close to the origins of humanity and the first companies, is very strong. The tap of fur, is the pinnacle of the original luxury.»

Discount flat

Photos that capture the style of the guests of the Fashion Week in Copenhagen in August, have one thing in common: high heels are endangered. Scandinavian fashion agents prefer moccasins ornate and colorful of Gucci, the Dr. Martens, Converse them, the Sandals of nails of Alexander Wang. Same reversal in Moscow, a city accustomed to the noise of the pumps, where now extends the sneakerhead (crazy sneakers, ED)movement that puts on stage under the hash-tag #sneakerheadrussia on Instagram. This relaxation General, begun a few years ago by the adoption of male Classics (derbys, loafers), coincides with thearrival of the streetwear on the catwalk.

Tap J.W. Anderson, fall-winter 2016-2017

Credit: press

Christelle Kocher, creative Koche, told us in March: “the attitude that I advocate is not that of a girl in heels, I never see in the street, but a dynamic, independent, powerful girl.” May Nguyen of the firm, Peclers, this need for mobility stimulates the creation: “then refuse the constraint of the body, preferred the kitten heels (from 3 to 5 cm), neo-santiags, the big stable heels very beveled heels, sometimes worked very.” The summer thing, it was the mules and slippers. “‘ There is a letting go strict respect for the rules of elegance, notes Patricia Romatet, of the french Institute of fashion.” Look at Valentino, temple of grace: last summer, the girls paraded flat sandals. In contact with this streetwear wave, bourgeois culture codes become available. »

The attack of the giant eyelet

Once turf of Kate Moss, Rihanna and Pretty Woman, the eyelet has greatly expanded his strike force, to end up at the feet of Theresa May, British Prime Minister, and then scroll for Haute couture. As often, there was a clothing effect: in September 2014, the collective diverts the eyelet from his mutinous first degree to credit a tinted avant-garde audacity of casual SM. Signature piece, she never left the shows of the label, worn by men and women, how day-glo sock under a dress with polka dots, or in counterpoint to a XXL hooded sweatshirt. A new use is born: combined with a loose top (shirt, sweater, jacket, dress), the shoe is now office of pants.

Waders, clothing, winter 2016-2017

Credit: press

The current rating of the eyelet is thus of hybridization of its developers abilities: Wanda Nylon offers her vinyl red as a sexshop output but with a long shirt to Hoodie, Jacquemus sees it rose to associate it with a tartan to giant shoulders jacket, Acne Studios merged it to pants. Fetish workload is digested to become a point of quiet power, cool subversion. “The waders sign an urban Amazon to animal beauty, not necessarily seductive but conquering, view Mai Nguyen of the firm Peclers.» This is part of this trend to “beautiful-weird” that defies the limits of acceptability. The truth is, they attempt a comeback for fifteen years without ever succeeding in the street but too difficult to wear. »

The disappearance of the leather

“When I started looking for what to replace the leather, I soon realized that there is not much and I really struggled,” says the designer Amélie PichardAntidote magazine in 2015, at the launch of his line of shoes without leather in collaboration with Pamela Anderson. Then only one billion animals are killed annually for leather industry, brands shoes vegan guaranteed without animal suffering multiply, in the lineage of Stella McCartney a pioneer or Beyond Skin, which shoes vegan Natalie Portman. But for all, the main challenge remains to find topics representing a satisfactory alternative to the leather (cheap, flexible, resistant and washable). The answer is perhaps in the pineapple.

Pinatex, Rombaut sneakers.

Credit: press

The Spanish Carmen Hijosa is a consultant in the Philippines when she discovers the textile use of the fibres of the leaves of this tropical fruit. Five years of research later develops the Pinatex (or leather of pineapple, pina in Spanish), material Green who has received the award of material innovation 2016 of the Royal College of Arts in London. Solid, thin, ribbed texture has the leather. “We can make shoes, bags, sofas and even car interiors”, assures Hijosa-Leaves usually left ashore-residue when you pick up the pineapple from the Pinatex costs 23 euros the square meter, compared with 25 to 38 euros for leather. Puma, Camper or the Belgian Rombaut (basketball in Pinatex above) have already launched the prototypes.