Leather Shoes Repair

You take care, keep them, buff them…

In short, you give them all the love they deserve. But, sometimes, accidents happen.
Don’t panic: it is quite possible to repair the leather of your shoes.

Curb or a corner of the wall that you had not seen = a naughty hitch on the leather of your shoes.

In most cases a classic interview (cream + wax) will be enough to make it disappear. But if evil is deeper, How to repair a tear on the leather of your shoes ?

A pair of shoes that has a few years is a real pleasure to wear.

The leather, the hard way, the foothills and the sole perfectly adapted to your foot and you as in slippers.

If the leather is quality it has started taking a beautiful patina that gives a unique look to your shoes (provided that you have followed my advice to maintain your leather shoes )

These past years, gave a sentimental value to these shoes.

In short you love deeply and you want to keep them for many years.

But one morning, while you go up the stairs, you do not pay attention and the end just rub violently against the corner of the market.

In addition to risking a fall, there is a good chance that you have a nice snag on the leather of your beloved shoes.

Evening, once back, you rush them shoes and you make a complete maintenance hoping that milk + cream + waxing will allow you to fix this hitch.….

You pray…….

WOE: snag is still there and visible.

In this case there are three different behaviors:

  1. you cry at length and you resign you to throw this pair you aim (i) ez both
  2. you bring this pair to the Shoemaker who, you are on, can make miracles
    (by the way if you don’t know where to take them check out our guide to the best Cobblers))
  3. you decide to fix alone this hitch

Then the behavior n ° 1 is to be banned. There is (almost) always a solution.

The second behavior is a good instinct, you’re right!

But out of curiosity I advise you to read what follows.

Of course, in this article, this is the behavior of n ° 3 that interests us and that we will detail.

Before entering the heart of the matter a few precautions of use:

  • We must work on a clean leather: remember to clean your shoes before start you.
  • More than a great technique these repairs require patience and precision. So don’t be afraid.

Repair Leather: Torn Flower

In this first case, your foot to rubbed against an abrasive surface and the leather of your shoes presented a hitch.

If the tear is very small traditional maintenance (cream colored + dough to wax) should be enough to hide it. If the hitch is more important there are two possibilities:

  1. The Piece Is Still Attached

This is the situation “less worse”.

In this case the piece of flower is not completely torn and it will be easier to repair this hitch.

Here’s how:

First pick up, carefully, the piece with of the glue Neoprene .

Drop a small hint of glue with a toothpick for example.

If you put too much and that the glue spills over to the rest of the leather remove the fast with a wipe it all.
Note: in the case where the tear is located on a bend of ease I advise you to use a ‘rubberized’ glue dry once will be less rigid which can resist the folds of the market

Once the glue has been filed, use gently with the back of a spoon (round shape you will avoid damaging the leather of the surroundings) to well replace the piece.

Then, he will have to let it dry.

I advise you to wait several days to see glue do his job well.

Once dry we need to hide this repair:

  • back to level,
  • “fill the small gaps” around “the wound”.
  • and (re) make a beauty to your shoes.

Bring with you a ultra fine grain sandpaper (the one used for the finishing of the paintings).

Rub gently (without support, with just the weight of the hand) at the level of the “scar” in order to level all without attacking the surrounding leather flower.

Ideally, always with a toothpick, apply dye on the edge of the leather torn to “fill the gaps”.

There still allow time to dry before you move on.

Then proceed to a classic interview: cream colored and shoe polish to camouflage the hitch to the maximum.

If it is located on the hard tip you can even plan to carry out a glaze to tone down it more.

2 The Piece Is No Longer The

The is a most annoying situation: the piece of leather is completely ripped off and you have “a naked wound” on the leather of your shoes.

It’s going to be harder to get a result as satisfactory as in the previous case.
But it is always possible to attempt a repair to limit the extent of the damage.

You’re going to have to start by equalizing all.

Take your sandpaper ultra fine-grained and rub gently (without support, just with the least amount of hand) at the level of the wound to even out the edges.

Then apply a little renewing cream Polish Sapphire.

Attention is not the same as the cream that you use for the maintenance current. It is a much more thick and Pasty product far superior coverage.

Be precise and meticulous in the application of this product because it is difficult to get rid of!
Note: as indicated on the site of Valmour, this product available in 46 colors it is possible to mix them to obtain the desired shade

Let dry… a long, very long, very long.

At least a week, ideally a fortnight.

I know this is very long. But this cream you just apply must serve as a flower for your leather so let him time to take.

After that proceed to a classic interview (cream + dough) to cover and hide the hitch.

Repair Leather: Scratch And Cracked Leather

1 Scratch

Here we are on a less severe than the earlier incident.

Finally less serious: everything will depend on the depth of the scratch.

For a superficial scratch a classic interview (cream + block) will be enough to hide everything!

If the scratch is deep going to follow the same procedure as in when the flower is torn off.

You fill the ’empty’ using renewing cream shoeshine Sapphire that you let it dry and then you realize a traditional interview.

  1. Cracked Leather

We are here in the presence of a leather that has been poorly maintained. It was not well-fed and hydrated.

It of dry and eventually crack at the level of the folds of ease.

If you act really too late there are chances that your shoes are good to throw.

On the other hand, if the hurt is neat in time you can perfectly recover them.

Leather is very bad and we have to use a product very rich and very fat to feed and hydrate it in depth.

In this case I advise you to use a product enriched to mink oil (which is very rich and FAT) in order to penetrate to the heart of leather: the renovator Sapphire. You will see that, in some cases, the result will be good to the of the of your expectations.

Is a product to use sparingly: l ‘ mink oil tends to soften the leather.

If you overdo it you may make the saggy leather (I’m exaggerating a little, but not that much) and therefore it will SAG and your shoes are going to lose their shape.

Clean Leather: Tasks Of Alcohol / Soda

It happens (for various reasons that I will not here detail) than alcohol (beer, bourbon, etc.) ‘grave’ on your shoes.

Once dry, if you look closely, come on you see full of small tasks that match all the drops falling on the leather.

The again there is a product for that: the liquid detacher Hussar. You will see that this product works miracles.
Note: be careful with this product. It is powerful and if you’re not careful you may strip the leather. As always before start you doing an essay on a non-visible part (such as the inner camber).

If you ever want to act quickly and that you do not have this product on hand you can always try to rub gently with warm water.

The water will dissolve alcohol and you should be able to get rid of these nasty tasks.

Of course, once the detachment completed to do a classic interview.

Here so some repairs that will favor you because, even being careful, accidents are common and… do not to others!

If you have other tips / tricks to repair the leather of your shoes feel free to share them in the comments!