Luiza Barcelos Collection

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Luiza Barcelos collection spring and Summer 2015
Luiza Barcelos is one of the main brands of shoes of high level produced in Brazil. With quality and design innovative and always in tune with the most important trends of the moment, the brand has a legion of customers, all loyal to the releases of models every season. And as we at the time of new collections, how about knowing the creations of LB for the 2015 summer? Check out:
Floral print
The new collection of Luiza Barcelos, entitled “Second Summer 2015” is super colorful and cheerful as well as should be a collection for the season hottest and high spirits of the year. One of the highlights of the new release is the floral print, giving more life to classic footwear, as the pumps of the pointy anabela sandal with rope and even in sneakers.
Blue jeans
Another strong bet’s new collection for the summer season that’s coming is blue jeans, the hue already was very successful in the European winter and now comes delicately coloring the 2015 summer footwear brand. The color appears in various kinds of shoes such as sneakers, sandals heel shoes of pointy, platform, sandals with stiletto, among others.
Main models
The collection “Instant” appears with a wide variety of shoe models. Among them are – wide sandals with heels and a half foot thick leather or Cork; high-heeled sandals with cross strips on the feet; flats sandals with different models, some with leather strips and applications with pedrarias or chains, plus details like heel closed; high-heeled sandals with horizontal strips on the foot; peep toes with heels and a half foot; anabelas string-soled suede and leather; among other models.
Color chart and prints
As has been said, the summer collection of Luiza Barcelos is colourful, so it’s worth highlighting the tones that more appear on the parts. We can say that the color chart tells the modern blue jeans, coral, yellow, emerald green, Navy Blue, Orange, turquoise, blue, pink, red and bic neutral tones such as Brown, beige, black and nude.
In addition to this wide variety of colors, the summer collection of Luiza Babu also has shoes on floral print, as has been said previously, and Jaguar animal print and snake.