Make Heels Your Best Friend!

If you are lover of high heels and can’t live without it, we leave here a few tips to help you control the use of these beautiful artifice of women, since, in addition to the aesthetic advantages this offers your overuse can bring some nuisances and health issues which we want to avoid, isn’t it?! See these tips, and take care so that the heels never get out of your closet!

Needle, platform heels, Anabela and cone are a few well-known words, that animate the most women, as they are in common use among them. But remember: use the jump where you feel safe, to walk with balance and be charming and elegant, make him an important detail of your look!

With your feet hydrated and nails professionally done, the heel becomes complement the look. In addition to increasing your height, enhance and lift your butt, thighs, giving a “powerful woman”, even sexy! Although a lot has changed in the style of shoes over time, the trend remained unchanged and continues making the head of the women.

But, as not everything is perfect the overuse of the heel can bring some disadvantages. Beware of side effects, these require immediate attention.

  1. Pain:
    The foot is in an uncomfortable position when we wear heels, the pressure of the whole body is concentrated at the rear. This causes blood flow decrease slightly around that area, accompanied by a painful discomfort in his back, hips and feet and even tingling and numbness of the feet.
  2. unbalanced Walk
    When we use jumps, our position also changes. Not all women can balance well with the use of these and the floor becomes very uncomfortable for them. Caution: there is a tendency to lose your balance, trip and fall and in these cases, there is a possibility you suffer an ankle sprain.

A tip is also wear heels with that platform in front, (like a small jump, on the sole of the foot), as this increases the more comfort and security.

High heels are definitely a style statement according to ezinesports, but we must protect our health, avoid pain and back problems so that this dear friend of women never leave the scene.