Meet the Different Types of High Heels!

The high heel has always been an ally of women, after all, it makes all the difference in production, is not it? We women are crazy about them and it’s hard for anyone who wants to have only one or two pairs, such a variety of models, colors and heels found there! But do you know the types of heels that exist? In this post we will know some models, check it out!

Jump Anabela

One of the women’s darlings, he stands out for comfort. This is because the heel is thicker and accompanies the entire sole of the footwear, decreasing in the front. If this quality were not enough, the anabela jump-especially in cork-is beautiful, full of charm and always on the rise.

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One of the main features of the half-paw shoes is the rather tall and slender heel, with a support at the front of the foot, which helps to compensate for height, ensuring greater comfort and support.

Jump Block

Quadratic and thick in shape, the block jump guarantees greater stability and comfort, since the pressure caused by the weight of the body is well distributed over the feet.

Cone Jump

The cone jump is not usually too loud. It is usually medium in size and starts with a thicker thickness and sharpens as it reaches the ground, thus creating the shape of an inverted cone. This modeling also ensures a good support in the heel and, because it is not too high, it guarantees a lot of comfort to the feet.

Kitten Heels

KittenHeel is thin and is usually 3 to 5 centimeters, being slightly curved. This jump became famous in the 60s, at the feet of the actress Audrey Hepburn. For this elegant and comfortable, this is a great choice for formal and office events. An example of this jump is the suede scarpin with texture.

Cuban Salto

With a somewhat curious designer, the Cuban leap is another form of leap for those who do not dispense comfort. The origin of this jump comes from the flamenco dance shoes and tango, which peaked in the 30s and 40s. At first, it resembles the anabela, but it does not completely lie on the ground, forming an anatomical design. It is a good choice for those who want safety and balance without leaving the jump.

Low Jump

The near absence of jumping is what characterizes the low jumps. They are great options for day to day and informal events, as well as being favorites of those who prefer to always have their feet on the ground.

Jump Sine

Its main feature is the design reminiscent of the famous bell mouth trousers: tuned up and slightly thicker on the bottom. It is the ideal option for those who do not dispense high heels and like to dare.


The stiletto is the high heel for experts! Fine and super high (can go over 15 centimeters) this jump requires practice and balance, being much used in formal events, that demand a touch of glamor!

Balance Tractor

The ripple in the soles-reminiscent of a tractor’s tires – is the main feature of this jump, which appears in both military style and sandals, giving an urban and funky look. Although it looks heavier, this heel can be used quietly with more delicate looks-it is not recommended only in very formal environments.

Prisma Jump

This heel is also known as “tip”, its height can vary from medium to high (7 to 12 cm) and its thickness can also be adapted. The main feature of this jump is that it gets thicker and sharpens as it approaches the tip, the thinning is smooth, in almost parallel lines.

Comma Jump

This jump, without a doubt, goes out of the common place! Its curvature, which can be either forward or backward, resembles a comma and hence that name. The height of the heel can go from low to medium and it can be found in the most diverse shoe models, especially in those who cherish modernity.

Platform Heels

Unlike the anabela jump, the platform heel is incorporated into the entire sole of the shoe. It is a very popular and comfortable jump that combines from casual occasions such as shopping in the mall to the work environment.

These were some of the major types of jumping we found out there. With so much variety, it’s easier to understand why we have so many footwear in the closet, right?

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