Men’s Shoes for Weddings

Ah… Weddings!

What a beautiful moment of stylistic injustice! (And not only in what concerns the wedding shoes…)

“Uhhh… okay? you want to tell us something? »

Let me explain (caricaturing a bit).

On one side you have the bride, who is never left to chance. Prepared to block, she has, over the years:

  • Cut out pictures of beautiful brides in magazines to make a scrapbook that she took out whenever she felt a little “down”.
  • Decided exactly what shoes she put during the ceremony (even if it is very likely that no one will see them because of her dress) AND those she outfitted to sand the dancefloor later in the evening.
  • Treasured pictures of dresses out of price stored in folders named “white shell egg” or even “white rose” on his computer.

Result: it will be amazing the day J. Heads will turn, the grandmothers to exclaim and parents cry.

On the other you have a poor boy, who has not thought much more than demand (already pretty stressful in itself), and finds himself to realize–after his mother and his future wife had taunted him repeatedly – that perhaps he finds something to get to the day J.

(And no, the old suit bought by two and two for the interview process 5 years ago will not do. The Mephisto of papi and neither).

Here is the object of this article:

Show you ALL the little details, mistakes to avoid, and stylistic advice to be the most sublime wedding.
One that will capsize the hearts and turn heads.

Just like that.

By the way, of course, a good time on the shoe of marriage for men, because it is an area very little discussed AND a subject wrong theme.

The choice of a marriage for man shoe: you don’t go to office, a little originality as heck!

Too many men sweep the question of shoes of marriage with the back of the hand.

“Who will look at them anyway?

And well just imagine that, according to many studies in behavioral psychology, shoes are one of the first things to which we pay attention when you meet someone (after the watch and the hairstyle).

Use this knowledge during your next job interview (wear beautiful well-kept shoes can be crucial when you apply for positions of high responsibility and, of course, to sell your guests on your wedding day dreams)

The model of shoes: a choice more complicated than it looks (and which will depend on your outfit).

The simple fact that you wear a suit to your marriage will eliminate any beginning some models of shoes.

Even if everyone seems to be in agreement on this point…

In searching the Internet, many English-speaking sites agree that it is “chic” to wear moccasins or even boat shoes in costume.

To put it simply: NO (well, to limit moccasins tassels if you are Italian).

There are exceptions with respect to the agreement shoes / suit, but, even if I advise you to demonstrate originality, should not go too far!

If you wear a suit at your wedding (it is often the case), here are the models of shoes that you can wear without thinking:

The richelieu

On this type of shoes the guarantors are not left free and are sewn on the upper. It is commonly accepted that the richelieu is the more elegant style of shoes (because they are less seams and therefore a more clean design).

Whole cut to plastron or balmoral, see our ultimate men’s shoe guide to see them all.

The Derby

The lacing system is once again going to tell us what type of shoe we have to do. neighborhoods are slammed on the vamp and therefore leave the free guarantors (a bit like the ears).

This allows greater openness of footwear. If you have a high instep is what need you!

Personally, I recommend the derby hunting and half-width, trays of these two models look too casual for a wedding.

But it’s a matter of taste.

As wedding shoes, classic Derby, or double loops – if you’re feeling Dapper -wonderfully will do (+ 1 for the originality of the loops, you won’t go unnoticed, believe me).

The high tops

They have the advantage of being more original but not necessarily adapted to the context.

In my opinion the Jodhpur (boots to lanyard) or Chelsea are to be avoided since they lose their charm, half covered by your suit pants.

A Bootie balmoral, with its lacing of richelieu is more formal can do the trick.

Otherwise turn to mid-cut shoes: of the slightly formal chukkas.

Nevertheless I will lean more for low shoes:

  • They allow you to play with the color and pattern of the Socks (which of course will not be visible with rising shoes)
  • Weddings taking place, in general, in the spring / was the boots may be too hot.

Choose the color: black has not the monopoly of the ‘formal ‘.

90% of the bride and groom wear a black richelieu at their wedding… and 99% wear black leather shoes (all types).

Good… I admit, I have no reliable sources, but I’d be willing to put my hand to cut!

You should know that if you wear black shoes, the choice of color for the costume and accessories will be much more limited.

For example, with black shoes, you can wear grey or black suits (Navy Blue is tolerated but is clearly not ideal).
ATTENTION: The black suit is prohibited at the wedding, especially if it’s your.

If you want to wear something other than a gray suit, and well… the shoes brown / beige / Burgundy will be friends and will combine PERFECTLY with the color of your choice.

Choose material: an easy way to stand out.

With shoes of marriage to a color other than black, you will stand out already a lot.

But I feel that you have taken taste to challenge the established order…

This isn’t because all grooms wear smooth leather to the ceremony you must do the same.

Don’t get me wrong: I consider the smooth leather is a very good choice for the wedding shoes, especially because it is possible to have fun with: try different degrees of icing, AND / or play on shades of Polish to get a nice effect of contrast.

But only if you do! (if the topic interests you, I advise you to read this ) detailed article on the shoe careMaxime wrote).

A suede (velvet or nubuck) is suddenly a good solution to show a little originality.

However choose a suede quality with well hairsheep to avoid something too casual.

The quality: it of a great day, invest!

We have already said many times on this blog, but invest in a nice pair of shoes is vital since you can pull it up again and breathe the class for any occasion, for years.

If you wear them only occasionally (a dozen times per year), they will have new air until the day of your funeral.

Your wedding is the perfect time to invest in such a pair of shoes.

Here are 3 basic rules for do not make you ride:

  • Avoid pairs of shoes with soles glued like the plague!
  • It goes the same for crust leather. Don’t just the best: leather full grain
  • Assume that you won’t find good quality below € 200 shoes

I advise you to read this article on the cunning of some shoes sellers to be sure not to regret your purchase.

In order to finish…Maintenance.

Buy ‘bespoke’ shoes to € 2000 (or more) you will not maintain exempt.

If you skip this step, they will take probably a few years, but not forever!

Without maintenance, they are étioleront over ports, making the futile initial investment.

Quickly, here are some rules to follow to avoid that from happening:

  • ALWAYS put the shoe in your shoes when you are not wearing them.
  • Cream them all the one / two weeks depending on your port speed.
  • Brush them after each wearing.

Before the big day:

Brush them, crémez them, Polish them and even ice them if the heart tells you!

Nothing is more embarrassing and visible as a pair of shoes that are badly maintained… Believe me, it will notice.

The associations shoes / accessories… a small guide to avoid the grossest errors 9 times out of 10.

The belt: it is associated with the shoes.

The theme can be set in a few sentences.

  • Do not put black belt with brown shoes.
  • Do not put Brown belt with black shoes.
  • Trying to put a belt of (or approximately) the same shade as your wedding shoes.

For your wedding, I recommend you put a belt of the same material as your shoes.

In practice, if your shoes are in brown suede, invest in a hazelnut suede belt.

Choose your socks: express your personality!

The bride expresses his personality through his dress… And you through your accessories.

The most significant being the Socks (since most of the people have not yet used to see beautiful / original).

Nice socks are a magnet to compliments: I own a dozen pairs of color and I don’t have any on which it has not complimented me!

Here’s a guide ultimate about socks, I wrote, but I’ll give you a few basic if rules have you too lazy to read all 😉

  • There are color block (= solid color) socks and socks with patterns. Avoid colors flashies (too) and too colourful patterns / originals / childish (= small rabbits) and prefer the more discreet reasons (the polka dots or houndstooth pattern for example).
  • Opt for the mid-low and no socks so you can see your once seated calves!
  • Match the color of the socks to that of your tie: make sure one is the cameo of the other.
    OR that your socks are with a color pattern and color X Y and that the tie / bowtie is color Y.
    OR that your socks are color Y and that the tie / bowtie is X color with a color pattern Y

That’s all for the socks!

Choice of the laces: keep it simple.

The laces of color can be the most beautiful effect when you go out for a drink with friends.
However, as Mary, you are a kind of tightrope Walker, ready to fall at the slightest little stylistic imbalance…

I recommend the laces of color for a wedding.


Simply because it is more interesting to play on your tie and socks. If you add colored laces the risk of making a misstep increases while the value added to your outfit is not huge.

But if you ABSOLUTELY insist, you can always wear color laces promising me that you’ll stay sober giving them – for example – on the grounds of your tie or Socks (a nice cameo).

And tie in all of this?

Already, don’t forget that you can also opt for a bow tie.

The rules will be the same in both cases.

Your neck accessory would agree with your socks in the manner described above AND with your costume.
If the latter is already on grounds so avoid the tie and socks patterned… Here is the good sense.

If you like to point out (which is is not negligible if it’s your wedding), choose a most sought after as simple silk material: knitted silk, cashmere…

One last important point: make sure that the width of the tie is proportional to the width of the lapels of your costume…And especially YOUR width (ex: If you are very thin, avoid ties behind which you could hide!)

The ultimate touch: cover / the Pocket square.

Before you read this part : If you have opted for shoelaces, socks and a color tie, avoid the cover at the risk of having an overloaded outfit.

Otherwise, continue!

It was a time when the cover was the ultimate accessory of the dandy… But this period is over.

Although it does not always run the streets, the cover democratizes slowly but surely to help probably to assume the day J.

For the agreement of colors, it’s pretty simple.

  • Make sure it is a cameo of your neck accessory.
  • OR she has a color within your neck accessory.
  • Or whether a different color but who joins your neck accessory well and whether a cameo of your socks.

In summary, make sure you do not have 3 accessories whose colors overlap in any way!

(If your brain is smoking after reading this article, here’s a little secret: there are kits of assorted accessories beautiful if you don’t really want to think!)

There are several sites that offer this kind of packs. Je advise you to make a tour for a find the inspiration and the accessories that stick to the theme of your wedding, your outfit and shoes.

One last tip: there are many ways to fold a Pocket. Continue in the logic of “mark” and choose an original folding ;)While remaining in good taste… Always the same story of tightrope!

So now you know everything to be-at least-as beautiful as your future wife!