More Horrible Shoes: Crocs High Heels!

It may be comfortable, but until now or understand why someone would walk with this model of plastic shoes on your feet daily. And I’ve seen several people who do. Even George Bush has worn with socks, which is exceedingly bad taste.

But, that is launched a line with high heels, and find me even more horrible than the fins with heels or the Converse with heels. I think that neither Leggo of Balenciaga shoes are as inappropriate as this design in plastic and it costs over 40 euros. Come on, I first get the walking House to the street to these things.

It is obvious that this is my personal opinion and that for some the Crocs they are the most trendy that there is and maybe these people is therefore being directed this product which will be sold as usual on the page of Crocs and coming in various colors to choose as the original Swedish. I have no doubt that in a few months also has those little dolls that sell for sticking to Swedes or something more tacky even.