Mules Back in Fashion

Wearing mules or not wearing: that will be the question of the spring-summer. Between slipper and slipper, decryption of a comeback that could make talk.

In the family of shoes whose existence is to fashion what the fangs are in good taste, I demand mules. Symbol of sexiness and glamour at the feet of Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s, they were associated with to the girl power of the 1990s before undergoing a crossing of the desert without precedent in the history of shoes.

Deemed impassable by the ordinary people, they have become the monopoly of a Hollywood elite who however have gradually abandoned them thestilettos of creators. After a few attempts to comeback in the early 2010s, the mule seems to want to return for good, even if it means making friends with the slippers, tap or even slippers. Decryption of a trend that has not said its last word.

The mule version pumps

Difficult to more feminine than mules heels if not riskier. Inspired by the low-boots at Hermes and Céline or some Hollywood stilettos at the RentaOscar, they give the desires of height little rational practice not fail to restrain. Unless you’re one of those women to 12 cm heels mules are not scared. In this case, r-e-s-p-e-c-t.
The mule slipper version
No, this isn’t a figment of the imagination: the Slipper is the cool spring and summer shoe 2016 Cool because that rehabilitated by the temple oftrendiness, Acne Studios but also worldwide t endance because that creator by Phoebe Philo for Celine, aka High Priestess venerated fashion. Goldleather, crude or printed, it comes in versions as various as varied, leaving us that she will undoubtedly be a success of the summer.

The version mule slipper Spa

As long as regular clients of the spa-hotels and other Thalassic of luxury, luxury homes clients could dream better than mules in lace Balenciaga to stroll in their immaculate bathrobe. Ultra-delicates and all too fragile evidences for the urban jungle, they certainly will be blacked out by the other model imagined by Alexander Wang, but for its own brand this time. Braided leather, completely black studded: neo-grunge design iswork much more easily to our daily locker room, be it with boyfriend jeans or a skirt panties (so, 

The version of man slipper mule

Raw, massive, gleaming: some flat mules are not without reminding us the slippers of the old days, notably at Gucci man which the customizes of female jewellery details. A priori difficult to adopt, we’re willing to bet that we’ll see them at the influential feet of many names from fashion, to the image of the slippers filled last fall.

The mule version slide pool

Put to the taste of the day by Alexander Wang between another, tap of pool persist and sign even if in the background, you know, you and me, than ever o great God never we will carry them outside a space dedicated to sports. I’ll betolerant but there are certain limits cannot be exceeded. The only sportswear mule that you will wear with pride being that of Tommy Hilfiger, result of the perfect union of a Stan Smith with a slipper.