Nike Romaleos 2 Review

When we speak of strength equipment, we often speak little strength training shoes. Yet there are actually models designed to make more effective progress. This is the case of Nike, we’ll talk about today.

The Nike Romaleos 2 are worthy successors of the original model, first name, created by Nike in 2008 on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Beijing (it’s not us getting any younger). The first pair quickly got a name and a reputation, becoming THE best shoe of bodybuilding of the market.

Two shadows to the table on this success however, its high price and reputation of shoes heavy… very heavy! It’s time to see if the second version released on the occasion of the 2012 London Olympics has been able to do better than his older brother.

Presentation of the Nike Romaleos 2

The Nike Romaleos 2 resume outline that had forged the success of the first pair, namely solid construction, without however repeating the mistakes of the past. Nike understood the lesson and took the challenge to keep this robustness in 477 g per shoe ! A performance when we see the strength of the basketball. The Romaleos 2 are so much lighter and more mobile version that remains very stable and robust, it feels like the first grip.

The shoes are made of synthetic leather, which gives them a degree of ‘flexibility ‘.
2 velcro strips come in addition to the structure, not for big nostalgic kids at that time of the shoes to scratch, but to ensure unsurpassed stability of the foot. One is located near the tongue and the other close to the toes. These stability bands incorporate both at the ends of the strips of plastics that prevent the fraying of the whole.

The sole itself is very rigid, with a very high heel, which is no exception to the rule of gold in weightlifting shoes. It is this part of the shoe that gives exceptional stability during basic exercises like the squat, and whatever the used load. The heel that measures 1.9 centimeter is made of TPU, the plastic used is hard and transparent, which gives a nice aesthetic touch to the shoe.
This can be observed in the sole ‘Nike Power Bridge’, a name of a little barbaric clean technology to Nike, which is simply a hole in the shoe, to make it more lightweight without compromising its stability.

The shoe comes with two pairs of soles, a rather soft, ideal for training and the other more rigid, aimed at competition or to set personal records with heavy loads.

Fashion touch, different colors available
If I had a little trouble with the look of the shoe at the beginning, I have to admit that with time I am rather well (having the opportunity to observe them in all their glory in the mirrors of the gym) and I must say that straight lines and futuristic model are actually attractive, especially for strength shoes.

In addition, Nike offers a comfortable choice of colors, you can opt for white, black, or yellow on the french site of the manufacturer. I wish yellow well flashy but unfortunately, there is more when I took command. I know that there are other colors if the market such as gray or red, but I don’t know exactly where, it will probably look on the side of the U.S. sites.

Comfort and sizes

It is always the part I’m afraid when I get new shoes, the fitting! And for cause, my feet are really badly screwed with a more than inground arch.

After apprehension, I finally decided to try. My first sensations are not the best, I do not hide you, my foot seems to have trouble getting to the flat sole. On the other hand, I have to say that I am very satisfied with the space available inside of shoes, slightly square toe is conducive to wide feet like mine and my 46 fit perfectly in.

The first steps are pretty special, it looks to be in ski shoes, very imposing heel gives the impression of not wanting to share the ground with the rest of the foot . Naturally, this strange sensation fades after a few minutes.

I opted for the second sole with Nike, which is however recommended for competition (not my case at all so), because she married better my arch. It is suitable for each individual to choose his shoe of choice.

After a dozen sessions carried out with 2 Romaleos, my foot is perfectly familiar, and I recognize a significant comfort. When scratches are well adjusted, it’s a treat for feet that are maintained to perfection. I’d never bet on it, but the comfort of this shoe is frankly, even after sessions of two hours, my feet are not suffering.

Muscular with the Romaleos 2 sessions
Now let’s see how the shoes react during training. The difference with classic training shoes is felt immediately at the level of the squat, it of day and night compared to my old training shoes. The stability brought to the movement by the shoes is amazing, no kidding, there seems to be able to destroy all his records.

Besides, I’m not saying that there is a correlation, but the first week during which I wore the Romaleos, I beat my (weak) personal record of squat. I don’t fire me, maybe this isn’t that a happy coincidence, or some sort of placebo effect.

It is true that knowing these shoes on my feet me gives the impression of total security and therefore more confidence in me. So I did not hesitate to load more bar than at the usual rehearsals went “easily.” Even if it is just a placebo effect, I take!

The foot placement is significantly improved, I see no problem in my knees which previously tended to want to say hello during the ascending phase of my squats.

My form is now cleaner and I’m safe allows me to concentrate on the push. In this regard, I also have the impression of no longer having to focus on the idea of pushing the ground with my heels, I have this feeling that this is done mechanically with these heels present on the Romaleos 2.

The main difference for my part is in level squats, and somewhat on the deadlift during which I now better support on the ground, well “concreted” feet I don’t personally practice of movement as the “clean and jerk”, but you should also note a difference on this type of exercise.

A v3 on the horizon, what does it do?

A Romaleos 3 has already been announced, but is it possible to further improve the model? Although the Romaleos 2 is almost flawless, the ground is still conducive to improving.

At the level of the price first, it is clear that these shoes are far from affordable. Certainly they are the best known market and quality has a cost, but all the same… €200, this will push it more than one to seek cheaper alternatives.

The second improvement I see is similar to nitpicking, it is often the case when you’re in the presence of excellence. I noticed that the scratch at the top of the shoe is a bit too long, what makes that when it is tight at bottom, the band comes almost to the ground, it can become a problem with a risk to walk on it. This is a small detail, but perhaps review some the length of this strip for a future version.