Nike Zoom Training Shoes

At each fall, I start looking for new pairs of sports shoes to replace the ones I demolished last year. I practice several activities, a pair cannot suit me for everything, so each year it I got out the checkbook for a pair of basketball shoes, a pair of running shoes, and a pair of gym shoes for the room.

This is also your case?

In fact, ideally, I would even a basketball to the gym (weightlifting shoes) and a pair for exercises more cardio like running on the treadmill, do a HIIT workout or to work my relaxation with plyometric exercises.

Anyway, like this at a budget, that my running shoes and my good basketball shoes that pulling the face are again in the shot, I this year decided to restrict the choice to a single and unique pair, a pair of training shoes.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the room, I need to have the perfect equipment to pick the perfect training, it is a source of motivation for me. Shoes are the element on which I’m not kidding, I expect my gym shoes that they are light, comfortable, and if possible, have look great!

Style, comfort, lightness and performance are I find adjectives that stick to Nike, it is why I turned to the timeless comma brand.

Nike is known for its shoes of room and there is also to count the number of pairs to comma that you come across during your workouts in the room!

Once is not custom, I want to invest a little and I ordered on the site the new NIKE Zoom Train Complete €110. Let’s see if it is good invested euros!

First contact with the shoe
We all know, do not choose his sneakers to their design (yet we’re all a little). Once in hand, they are even better than on the site, the bright red is bright, I love!

I hasten to put them on and there is the drama, they run small. I usually do a 45.5 and here he had me of the 46, flute. The right foot is nickel, but my bloody foot left (strong) is a bit cramped.

The features of the Nike Zoom Train Complete

Let’s see how the shoe looks on paper:


Nike announced here a powerful ultra cushioning (the inverse would be amazing) as well as optimum support to peacefully address a multitude of training without running out of stability. Visible Nike Zoom Air unit provides cushioning performance during cardio exercises while the midsole in double density foam provides durable comfort and stability need you to the weight training sessions.


On the outsole rubber in areas of wear-resistant promises an excellent grip on any surface.

Good on paper it’s still beautiful, but I’m all of those things me it’s gibberish! I’ll so get my answers, shoes.

Test on condition

Apparently, the strong point of this training shoe, is its versatility, the shoe is definitely made for cross-training. In fact it is on the insole: “Nike training, Lift Run Jump Cut”. So, I will test the basketball on several activities.

Cross-training (cross training) is a method of physical training with exercises in different disciplines and helps to improve overall performance. The idea is that train in different ways allows you to take what’s best in each discipline and so be more complete and more powerful.

Nike announces that the shoe can support any type of surface, then go for a morning jog on a sunny Saturday. Really small for once, direction the track athletics close to home for 3km warm-up.

The first sensations are mixed, on the one hand, as the pair is a bit narrow to me, I feel a discomfort on the left big toe. On the other hand, I feel a good feeling and my stride are very nice and seem “jangly”, I feel able to do kilometers, but the pain of the narrowness of my pair caught up with me quickly and I stop 3 km to leave room for a little workout, HIIT.

In the program, from training of the application Results of 10 minutes that will make me do:
Pain disappears instantly, maybe because I don’t have the opportunity to think, the jumping jack presses are just perfect, just like when the mountain climber. Adhesion of these Nike is really great, no complaints.
I continuous training with a small part of basketball on the ground nearby, just to test the famous “maintenance” announced by the brand, which is done through the cables Flywire and mesh woven. I’m still a little afraid, because playing basketball with this type of footwear can be fatal for the ankle.

I’m pleasantly surprised, during 1 hour party, I felt no pain (the shoe finally adapted to my foot despite the somewhat narrow size incidentally). At the level of support, I love the sole that is thick enough and makes nice super jumps, I feel to be “spring-loaded”.

When to maintain, This is the highlight of this shoe, at no time my ankles (yet fragile) don’t have twisted or vacillées, feels very safe in the Nike Training Complete. Lateral movements are actually perfectly the same as abrupt changes of direction (nothing better than basketball to test this kind of movement).

In the room:
The next day I decide to Nike zoom train complete to the test during training in a gym this time, with the program of the squat. The squat is a movement that requires a total stability of the foot, “wrong” can be fatal.

First good point, once the raised bar and set foot in position, nothing moves, and I am completely changing any other basketball with which I was able to crash. The very thick sole (particularly at the level of the heel) is supported by a small pad, it’s especially nice when the squat (as well as the plyometrics). I note no particular impact on the joints, and it’s a good thing that could attest to the quality of the cushioning.

I say could because the cushioning is not really verifiable for us, human (only lab tests can tell). So, I cannot rely on feelings, but the cushioning seems to me excellent.

FYI, the cushioning of a sports shoe, is the element that allows to limit the impact of energy (induced by physical movements) on your body, this energy is then dissipated by the shoe rather than be returned to your muscles/bone/joint. After these two days of workouts, no pain is to declare, so much the better.

If we can not certify directly cushioning, you can however perfectly to judge the comfort of the shoe, in this regard, the Nike doesn’t disappoint, even with my pair a bit too small, the basketball is very comfortable, and the breathability is impeccable, the shoe perfectly meets the sessions of sprint and jumps.

Foot Meanwhile remained perfectly remained in the race than in lateral and abrupt changes of directions. It is a treat to work with plyometrics with Nike Zoom full, I felt like on spring in the first exercises of jumps (tuck jump, step, jump, lunge jump, burpees jumps etc).