One to Stock, One to Rock

No, with this proverb, we do not want to give advice on how to deal with men. As it is for a decent fashion, here is of course the talk of shoes. But let’s start from the beginning.
One to Stock, One to Rock

I am a professed fan of Saint Laurent par Hedi Slimane*. The Patti boots are my favorite shoes. I dreamed of them when they were presented in the very first collection of Hedi Slimane. Then I tried them at the Munich boutique Theresa with Schmachtendem look, decided to heavy heart against the purchase: too expensive. I was looking for the perfect, flat boot. Found nothing, dreamed farther from the Patti Boots. Grabbed my heart, said, “I will. Too late. Sold out. Sold out in Munich, sold out in Frankfurt, sold out in Paris and online anyway. That was in September 2013. Then the glimmer of hope: the shoes should belong to the future collection standards, in January they would be available again, it was said in the Saint Laurent boutique. And immediately afterwards the most beautiful surprise followed: They lay under the Christmas tree.
In short, I really keep these shoes in honor. Now I accidentally discovered that Saint Laurent has sale. Bags that are shown elsewhere just as “new arrivals” are reduced by 30 percent here. Also my Patti Boots. According to Berwickfashion, they’re still expensive, but maybe there’s a unique opportunity here? Perhaps I will have worn off my couple someday? So I’m seriously asking myself: do I really buy it again now, so as a back-up?
“Well, sure. One to stock, one to rock, “says our Modepilot-Sneakerexperte. Under Sneakerheads like him, people who passionately collect sneakers and camp for a special pair of shoes one night in front of a store, is quite common. One buys a pair to carry it, the other remains untouched for the hallowed collection.
I’m torn, so a reader’s decision must be made. What do you mean, make or let go? And no, I just don’t have any other worries.