Online Shop for Boots: Shoes Custom Made there are perfectly matching shoes: all boots are available in 21 calf – the prices that are affordable.

There are little things that depress more at a day of shopping: when the boot item you make it thanks to the calves of mortals and shafts sizes for 13 year old just up to the middle of the shoe. And the speech is not of women who need larger sizes or custom made in normal cases. Calves are a sensitive issue for many women. Who regularly drives sports can have more muscles and more fit into a normal boot.

The online shop has addressed exactly this problem and produced all shoes in individual calf . All boots – the range includes about 36 different models – are available in 21 calf (30 cm to 50 cm) and the shoe sizes 35 to 42. The most common sizes and widths are in stock and are shipped within a short time. An order that is not in stock, the boot is made extra. Sure you have to wait slightly longer, but you can send back even the extra made shoes. The shipping cost is six euros.

The virtual fitting room exactly explains how to measure the perfect calf and what you should be aware. For example whether pants should be inserted into the boots or often be worn stockings. If you are unsure, can consult a service hotline.

The search can be retrenching after paragraph type, length, color, material and food. After the selection is but of course not huge, they keep but even so. In addition to boots duo has also other shoes on sale via BABYINGER, the calf service is but the highlight of the online shop. The boots – all leather – a good deal are in the price range between 150 and 250 euro – classical, made-to-measure boots.