Our Summer Hits

“Nice shoes.” Party

Invite friends, drinks and Knabberzeug to deploy and then: pimp shoes! The casual Toms such as a kind of Espadrilles, which now carry stars like Scarlett Johansson. Also the idea of the creative party comes from US producers.

The best thing about it: For every pair purchased, a child in a developing country gets one, too.

As you go: Find party kits and manuals on toms.com-simpler Espadrilles at the sommerlatschen.de.

The feeling to do this: Face painting with your best friend.

Warning: Rain raises not only the garden party, but also the shoes!

A soundtrack for me

The day was long and hot. Sit in the Park and think: now the right music for this special moment, something casual, Gechilltes-that’s it. No problem, just ask your phone. The Last.fm iPhone app faking you with just the songs you like.

How it exactly works: If you have downloaded the Last.fm iPhone app and sign in, tap “Start a New Station” and enter a title-then you get played before many similar songs in addition to the desired piece. The little heart is called “Love”. If you find a title, stupid, then “you ban” it simply-and he never played.

The feeling to do this: the first mixtape of your life.

Historical predecessors: the sweet boy from high school who has given you the cartridge at the time.

Used on the air

Table out! On the sidewalk in front of the House on the Streiflein green next door-all wonderful places to eat. Lunch pasta and soda, evening a delicious dinner under Chinese lanterns or easy appetizers and a beautiful wine. Tasty! Who looks stupid and then nice asks may use this, who’s just stupid looking, must go on.

The feeling to do this: Her appearance, please!

Big plus: brings more contacts than Internet dating…

Coconut drink

As simple as announced: The new miracle water of Hollywood celebrities is coconut water. On the streets of New York, you can see more and more celebrities with the natural scene cocktail-a low-fat drink that contains lots of antioxidants. Stars such as Madonna, Rihanna or Mischa Barton swear by it, and studies show actually allow up to ten years younger impact the skin. It’s good-and is much less exhausting than daily fitness training.

How to try it: So you can serve the beauty cocktail: coconut water (such as “Dr. Martins Coco drink”, Reformhaus) give Iced in a half coconut shell, straw, ready! Tap so that the nut into two equal halves decays with a small hammer around the vertical axis-the tray opens after 10 shots. (Water tilt, which characterises cocktail beauty only in the young, green nut.)

The feeling to do this: refreshing like a relationship with Jesus Luz.

Extra good: You don’t even need Madonna’s cuff to crack the coconut.

Green sex

What happens to snow in the summer? A big misunderstanding-or the great love. For the second case the organic-sex-Kit is perfect. There could in: “Dick bags”-condoms by Joie de vivre (to be ordered via our site), recipes for aphrodisiac organic snacks (from the book “eco sex” by Stefanie IRIS Weiss, for example, through our site), organic cotton blanket “Butterfly” (to order via our site), “Sylk”-lubricant with juice from Kiwi plants (in pharmacies) or “organic sensitive lubricant”-Mückenschutz-Starglide and “Citronella” lotion of Druid (our site).

The feeling to do this: Woodstock reloaded.

Warning: It’s not about no rubber!

The Reinschmeiß bag

All right, a day at the beach is not a change of residence. But you can not forgo some just simply seaside: swimsuits, picnic, books, mobile, toys, beauty… As well, that the small and large details easily fit into the BRIGITTE Reinschmeiß-bag for the Kosmetikpads. Experienced they create in 30 minutes, beginners need an hour. She has on both sides zippers and Flash becomes the ceiling for the beach.

Detailed sewing instructions: You need: towel 70 x 140 cm, two dividable zippers at the same size approx. 65 cm long, 10 cm-thin cord, 3 m belt strap, 2 buttons. Cut the fabric to size of the towel and neaten. Towel and fabric right on right place each other. Zips completely open and the long edge between towel and fabric, zipper teeth point inwards. Towel, zipper and fabric together stitch now. Also include a short edge. Everything on the right contact, iron and along the zippers use a seam. Also close the open edge. Quilting the handle from the strap only on the upper two-thirds of the bag, the bottom third is gathered with the help of the handle, so that you can change the volume of the bag. For this purpose cut webbing into two parts. Sew small loops in the cord at both ends of a strap. This webbing handle stitching on the bag, not sew in the ends with the loops, but hang around 10 cm. The other belt is completely sewn as Henkel, the buttons are sewn on both ends so that you can hook the loops here and so pick up the lower part of the bag. Get ready!

The feeling to do this: Anarchy!

Single hook: The hair tie might take soon but little longer search.

Mane to go

You wanted to be the Princess from the Czech fairy-tale movies as a child? To garden parties appear consistently in floor-length gowns of Empire? Then you know for sure: on damsel curls you can cheat. It’s easy with the new extensions, you need to clip the hair only (such as “Magic Hair” by Schwarzkopf, approx. 30 Euro). How exactly, celebrity stylist Armin Moor b shows a short film under our site (application film).

The feeling to do this: Only you know this little secret.

Tip: If one believes you Michelle Hunziker friendly, smile and sovereign autographs.

Light, fruity: Rosé!

Wine fans swear by this summer on Rosé, and this is the best thing at the moment comes from South Africa, in addition to football Natalie Lumpp says: “It smells great cherries and cranberries and acts also when drinking very easily and quickly”, so the BRIGITTE wine expert, that’s the South African wines estimates that they “show off not only with alcohol”. So it is also with the 2009 “Pinotage Rosé Table Mountain”, which has only 11% alcohol-and BRIGITTE readers can exclusively book in the three set for 17.50 euro incl. shipping at: foot sweep and Bert’s wine trade, phone 02 21/925 93 00, our site.

The feeling to do this: only very slightly to geschickert!

Effect: soft pink-no Rouge works so naturally.

African massage oil

Yes, the trend spas now African spa treatments are a massive hit (such as the “African touch massage” in the Meridian Spa). But we tell you here exclusively, how you can make the right massage oil itself: 100 ml of jojoba oil with 6-9 drops of banana and 10-12 drops of chocolate perfume oil mix. Get the oils, well-stocked bio and reform stores, you can order the perfume oils such as our site. And there’s the right massage techniques under our site.

The feeling to do this: Think of the movie “Out of Africa” scene in the Dennis Finch Hatton Karen Blixen hair washing.

Concession: If the African sun is missing-heating on!

The cloth for all cases

As a turban, shade, dress or Pareo, head scarf, neck warmer, picnic blanket, as well as summer ghost Panel: so a scarf is a fine thing! Therefore we have designed one together with the Bavarian company Fraas for you, which you can bind in the hair just as elegant as suggested by designer Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni) on the catwalk.

The exclusive BRIGITTE summer cloth (105 x 105 cm) is made of 100% silk, 49 euros and can be ordered 47877 Willich, Anrath, Tel. at j. & Leufgen GmbH & co. KG, Giether Straße 2-6, 092 52/703-333, fax 021 56/41 08-0, E-Mail, online our site. Shipping costs 3 euros. Payment by credit card (master/visa), prepayment or PayPal. Or see our site. Here you find also all binding instructions.

The feeling to do this: Côte d’Azur for at home.

Advantage: makes good mood even in bad weather.

Dorothée Brandt Hurka, 28, and Zoé-Lena Hurka, 7

Zoé tells Dorothée, who teaches French literature at the University of Hamburg and just his doctorate, not only the passion for nature, but also for riding with their mother. The two are a perfect team, in that even poppy, the dog of our hair / makeup stylist Susan Robichaud, has superbly integrated. Zoé the dog was cute, however, your personal summer hit would be a pony. And Dorothées summer hit? Car sharing-has signed up they just for “Green Wheels”.

Photos: Sonja Tobias production: Bärbel Recktenwald text: Anne Petersen, Melanie Grimsehl hair & make-up: Charline Robichaud/Bigoudi an article from BRIGITTE 14/10