Outfits with Shoes

To my surprise, look for outfits with shoes, has not been easy. And it seems that when we arrived at a certain age, we are reluctant to this type of footwear perhaps by thinking that it is juvenile or own teenage era. However, wear sneakers (as long as we’re not in the office) It does not diminish style to our looks if we mix well and choose the right moment.

It seems that the northerners are more sneakers which used in your day to day, whenever the weather and they don’t have to wear boots in the snow, clear. And after examining what are the models star in sneakers, we have reached several conclusions … below, looks simple with shoes so you don’t miss one iota of glamour. ¡Mira!

The program of television fame, let’s dance! It has done much damage with regards to athletic shoes. The multicolored and eighties looks have to measure them very well and not all know to find the perfect measure. Multicolored sneakers have ceased to be so fashion and much less if you mix them with patterned leggings, fried hair and oversized sweatshirts. It is not a good look with sneakers, however, this girl if you know bring sneakers.

Shoes that triumph among girls with good taste are very simple, in colours such as black and white, so you can combine them with jeans or dresses floral.

Gives equal either winter or summer, your shoes will go well with pants and coat or a dress lencero for sightseeing on your vacation. A comfortable shoe that can become very cool if mixes it with a few calcetinitos of lurex that fashionable are this spring.

Shoes should be very simple, models that most triumph between the girls is the Vans laces in black or white, the Victoria and the legendary Converse in those two colors. None of multicolored strings or patterns, that already happened.

Despite the fact that there are different proposals, the Converse are still the Queens in athletic shoes for young girls and middle-aged. This girl goes very well with black scarves and vinyl leggings.

Another look with Converse, simple and great for a casual day that you want to be comfortable.

And you? You use running shoes?