Piece Clone Found in The New Collection of Lovely Pepa X Krack

I don’t know how many are the bloggers who have been encouraged to present a collection of shoes. First came Chiara Ferragni, later noted Gala González to handle and several Spanish for Krack. And it is in this last collection and next to Lovely Pepa where will we focus today. There are already several collections presented by the Spanish blogger this signature hand, but this time I’ve noticed more than ever. It is one of their models exactly like some slippers the Spanish wore seasons past of another firm.

We are talking about a model of the signature Joie that last season already cloned Zara. This inspired by other firms is very fashionable and we see around the world points to be inspired original models to provide people low-cost versions.

The second model of slippers that shows I remembered something, but it was not able to remember what. I.e., knew that he had seen previously but now not where and What signs. But divine inspiration I told you what I remembered: the print is very similar to those presented in the collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 Prada.

Once again, we are dealing with a clear case of cloned and caught. What do you think?