Platform Shoes Fashion History

Known for their thick sole and high-perched look, wedge shoes roam the universe of fashion for decades. Black or flashy, Cork or plastic, compensated heels play the art of extravagance. Its bold lines were able us seduce and win in our dressing room! But whence their success? How to wear? Our site tells you all!

Where did it come from?
Wedges shoes appear as early as the ancient Greece at the feet of the actors and actresses of tragedy. In the eighteenth century, high society women have these platforms in the city to protect themselves from the mud of the pavement and also show their social status. We also note the ‘pints’ of Venice for their excess! Litters during the Renaissance, these shoes with wooden skates could reach 75 cm in height. In the mid 1930s, the wedge shoe is renewed by creators such as Salvatore Ferragamo or Roger Vivier. New materials are used as the Cork, the Bakelite, a synthetic resin. The use of the leather being limited during the 2nd World War, wedge shoes are designed primarily in wood from the 1940s. By lengthening the feminine silhouette, offset shoe sign the iconic look of the day!
The comeback of the 1970s

In 1971, Yves Saint Laurent breathes new life to the shoe offset based on the trend of the 1940s. He integrates his collection couture. It is also the Portuguese actress Carmen Miranda who will make famous the boot offset wearing platforms during his appearances.

Subsequently, offset heeled shoes popular strongly through pop culture and the hippie trend. The broad soles prevent flared trousers and long dresses to hang out on the floor. The wedge sandal is part of a movement of freedom and independence that drives the company.

After a brief disappearance current 80, platform shoes back in the 1990s in a spirit more punk and disproportionate, particularly with Vivienne Westwood and the platform shoes of his Mini Crini 1986 collection.
Who wears them?

Famous fans of the wedge shoe, include Jane Birkin , who was very fond of the platform shoes! Icon of the 70s, she was wearing them especially in the summer with a flare jean in a Bohemian-chic spirit. Another icon of the genre, Jodie Foster and his famous pair of wedges red in the film Taxi Driver.

A lot of the time pop stars also seized platforms such as the members of the Group ABBA or Elton John. The look of the girls band of the 1990s has also contributed to the notoriety of the wedge shoes, with dizzying patterns!

Since then, international stars brighten up their looks with models offset of sorts among them: Eva Longoria, Misha Barton, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendes…

The boot offset today

Timeless models, include the shoes of Yves Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo platforms or even the Super Elevated Gillie of Vivienne Westwood. Of the way Christian Louboutin sneaker to the sobriety of Givenchy compensated through the Liberty of Charlotte Olympia or the graphic designs of Pierre Hardy notes, many creators are experimenting with those towering shoes. Large chains such as H & M, Topshop or Mango are also following the trend closely with more affordable models.
The offset shoe spotted on fashion shows Spring 2015

It is inspired by the Spartan spirit warm-toned, spotted at Chloé (in the photo) or FishNet and Alexander Wang leather version. In a more eclectic spirit, the compensated shoe of Anna Sui prints colors pop and vitamin. Michael Kors offers us an ethnic version pile in the trend of the seventies, with a small sole for those who have Vertigo!

Why do we love them?

The offset shoe gives a sexy arch in the foot with a better comfort than the classic heel. With feet parallel to the floor benefits, active women can remain chic and feminine in all circumstances! They offer a slender look, an illusion of smaller feet and more elongated legs.

The offset shape remains a timeless because its iconic form follows all the trends and gives birth to new models! Isabel Marant even gave him a spirit sportswear with its wedge sneakers become cults!

How to wear?

Today, the compensated shoe comes in many forms: open, closed, flanged, clogs, striped… This multitude of possibilities makes an ideal mode for the summer period asset! The height of the sole can range from 3 to 10 cm, but if you opt for a high heel, choose the platform at the front of the foot for stability.

The style casual and master of Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge plays the card of simplicity with a pair of SW Cocosigned Stuart Weitzman. It combines its platform in Liège and Blue Suede with a Navy jersey signed Ralph Lauren blazer and a slim top in the same tones.

The masculine/feminine style of Rita Ora

With fitted pants and a tuxedo in tones of blue jacket Navy, we love refined elegance that brings the shoes offset to the outfit! Try also with a fluid combination!

Summer elegance of Rachel Bilson

With a mini denim shorts, a white shirt and a short cream trenchcouleur, Rachel Bilson showcases her fine figure with a compensated camel who set the tone!