Platforms… Are You in?

We are talking about a trend little rooted in the street: the platforms that it should not be confused with the classic shoe or wedge ankle. The platforms are much more bold, striking and is assured that only they dare the riskiest of each House. But if you dare, you can give a very cool point to any style if you manage you walking with them, clear. Hanneli Mustarpata already scored and combined them in the easiest way in the world … Mira!

Classic within the daring

For the less daring, we find this model with strips at Asos. Its price is 40 euros, and are the more discreet that you will find if you like platforms.

In sealed-off version and with soles of esparto we see this pattern which is also from Asos. Perfect to wear with jeans, shirts and cardigans in next spring and give it that extra indie to any look. They cost about 35 euros.

In size XXL comes the next platform of Jeffrey Campbell, you can get on the web of shopping online Sarenza for 96 euros approximately.

Little striking? Try these models

Of white dots about on red background, for 35 euros approximately at Asos and aesthetically very Lolita.

The following model is quite influenced by the Prada spring/summer collection: oxford soled platform of esparto in TopShop for 85 euros approximately.

And finally, the most economical version that comes from the hand of TopShop animal print and the shape of a shoe Converse. You have them for less than 30 euros.

One dares with platforms?