Portuguese Wedges

Wedges, boots, lifties. In Portuguese: wedges. They are all over this season.

They’re shoes or boots with a wedge-shaped sole (yes, that’s supposed to be what we call wedges).But what is this about the wedge anyway?The explanation is simple, it is a tool, usually metal or wood, in the form of a prism (and here is the importance of mathematics and geometry in the fashion market) that serves to level and fit any piece.

In this case the wedges level and adjust our feet.Normally this type of footwear turns the heel and sole in one piece.It is a design that goes back to Ancient Greece.Wedge boots and shoes are more common in women’s shoes and were popularized by Salvatore Ferragamo, who introduced them to the Italian market in the 1930s, reported by thefreegeography.com.

They are an inescapable model, for those who want to gain height and maintain comfort.But not only right, they help to solve circulation problems and maintain the good health of the vascular system, helping a good appearance of the legs, which are in sight, now that spring seems to have come in force.

Around here, many brands, manufacturers, designers choose this model, integrating it into their collections.They combine comfort with a trendy, easy chic look, but also luxurious and glamorous.

Wedges are fashionable.Who resists the made in Portugal?