Puma Basket Classic Men’s Sneakers

The company was founded Puma Rudolf Dassler, brother of the founder of Adidas Adolf Dassler. First, to work together, but because of serious differences become competitors – Puma brand and still is one of the main competitors of Adidas. Puma sneakers men have long sporting classic.

Each year, companies present on the market new models for men and women who use innovative technologies in production. Incidentally, Dassler invented spiked shoes, which even today makes working on the field more comfortable.

The Secret to the Popularity of Male Puma Shoes

Like all other men’s shoes, Puma products is very convenient for walking, hiking and sports. But the brand is different and high quality, hand Puma feels most comfortable in excellent models skiing depreciation adhesion to asphalt and additional methods to protect joints and tendons.
Therefore Puma choose not only athletes (like football teams use some form this brand), but ordinary people, not only for sports but for everyday wear. Puma Leather shoes allow the foot to breathe and some older versions are made using high-tech mesh fabric.

How to Look Fashionable Men’s Sneakers Puma

If the company’s products will not need to sports, you can choose a popular model for men and bear it like a normal shoe. There are several traditional forms Puma:

  • Series car (symbolic BMW, Ferrari, etc.)
  • Court shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Casual-Series and Future Slipstream (Velcro)

Depending on the style of clothing, choose the model that suits you the most. Random from Puma (other than those mentioned above – the original Cat 5) looks great with jeans, light summer jeans shorts (when they should wear short socks, because this type of footwear worn barefoot – is Mauvais t).
Velcro sneakers high male fans will love the style of the 80s, because then created the first version of this type of footwear. In Slipstream comfortable to walk on sand – high feet thick and hard sole optimize the soft surface flaws. Sport models can be used outside the area – of course, except studded football boots.