Right Heels for Dress

He made the light leg and we lay down a few centimeters. The heel is the women’s fashion secret! So he boosted our style as much as our silhouette, it must associate it with the right clothes. Zoom in on the winning combinations.


It is a thin and sharp, heel more 7 centimeters high, on a high arch shoe. Carved with simplicity or extravagance, the stiletto heel defies the laws of gravity and makes us reach heights of style! Ultra flattering for the silhouette, it lengthens the leg and refines the ankle. Ultimate symbol of femininity, he pushed our power of seduction in a heel kick.

With what to wear:

Vamp outfits, of course! We dare and assumed the glamorous 100% style combining stilettos and sexy dresses. Fatal! We play the shift with a more strict clothing like a pencil skirt or men’s inspiration (long live the tuxedo!) … Classy and sensual.

Square Heel

It’s a short, wide, heel women’s but especially awfully comfortable! It is found especially on the boots or the richelieu. It’s the ideal heel for scampering all day without getting tired.

With what to wear:

Outfits Bohemian, to display an total casual look! We dare the vaporous skirts and printed blooms. Another option: become a fan of the equation that has been proven: boots + pants.


Talk about a shoe whose sole is very thick, with a platform effect. Popular in the 1970s, the wedge made a comeback. It makes us wise or dizzying heights. Super stable and comfortable, it allows to the high-flying while keeping the balance!

With what to wear:

With a large jeans high waist, we are close to the retro flawlessly. Otherwise, as a general rule, compensated him called the Court to not to overload the ankle. We go on “blouse”, “wrap”, trapeze dresses and skirts to knee maximum height.