Saturday in the Californian Summer

I know that in much of Brazil’s going on a chilly good. But, here in SanFran, summer’s surprisingly pleasant. In the middle of the afternoon always comes that ventão kind of cold, but before that you’ve been doing a little heat good for here. Not too hot, not cold, just pretty good.

This Saturday dawned particularly beautiful. Of those you already wake up itching to leave the House. And that’s what I did, I put a look kitten and I went to the street. The look itself has very expensive in Northern California, where the weather is warm, pero no mucho.

High-waisted short shorts with long-sleeved top. Simple as that. But what I love the most in this look is the combination of two patterns of stripes. A mix of prints that I think I had never tried before, but it worked well due to the contrast of colors (light blue x Navy Blue).

Then, just to not to get too combinadinho, I decided to include the scholarship nude, sandals and the shoe preteado.

To finish and break a little thing of pastel colors, include oclão and red lipstick.

The more we are talking about San Francisco and the little heat good can turn a cold wind at any time. So, I always try to take a jacket with me. In any occasion. Can doing 30, but will have a coat in my purse.And that was what I chose for today.

Short: Gap, blouse: little shop on St Clemment here in San Francisco, jacket: FYI,

Sandals: Schutz, Glasses: ZeroUV

Jeans, oversized, delight to use.

Now you will excuse me I’m going to enjoy the rare little heat here in SanFran!

Good Saturday, folks!