Shoes of Summer 2011

Soon the summer and temperatures already worthy of a July … It is time to take the air at your feet by freeing them from their closed shoes. therefore adopt a summer look! What shoes to wear when the sun shows its rays? Focus on the stars of summer shoes.

Sneaker shoes your holiday!

These sandals made of braided rope and canvas back to the front of the fashion scene for some years now. The cradle of the sneaker is the Basque region became emblematic of these summer shoes, lightweight and comfortable.

Timeless, sneakers come in many materials: linen, cotton, leather or even denim. The choice of colors is also very large. What dress your desires, whatever they are! The most sober looks still adopt the traditional model, the most common, canvas and solid color.

The sneaker is the holiday at the end of feet! This shoe is ideal to dress your outfits vacationers. Convenient, accessible, about fifteen euros a pair, it gives your look an incomparable relaxation.

Ecologists shoes

You care about the environment? Know that the materials traditionally used for making shoes are biodegradable: jute and natural rubber sole.

The sneaker is environmentally friendly, in addition to being trendy! It would be a shame to deprive yourself during your next vacation …

Specialists brands

Basque Para Gabia brand is without doubt the one that offers the most elegant models. Fully sewn hands, these high-quality running shoes provide a fashionable side through exclusive colors. You want to be at the forefront of the trend? Opt for shoes Toms Shoes.

The original models and design of this American brand bring a modern touch to your summer look. Your personality is more classic? You’ll find it at The House of espadrille: the craftsmanship and models of sobriety amaze you.

If you want to wear sneaker in town, be aware that most sneaker brands like Puma, Bensimon or Converse sneakers models offer a sporty look and trendy … Ideal for urban young you are!

The tong: comfort and style toes

It is no longer the popular summer shoe consisting of a sole to which are attached two flanges around the big toes. If the tong was accused of mediocrity in the 90s, she is returning in strength both on the catwalk at the city.

The thong is indeed synonymous with sun, relaxation and cool attitude … as it allows the foot to the open air, it is ideal to wear in hot weather. Easy to put on, inexpensive, the tong with your summer, as you spend at the beach or at work!

OK, work is exaggerating a bit, stay sober, we would not like you lost your job because of a failure to respect the dress code!

An essential accessory for your summer

Thongs models are diverse: materials, colors, there is something for everyone and every style. Ultra comfortable, airy, this shoe will have only advantages to withstand high temperatures.

Very reach to the beach, it is increasingly in town and dress while casual outfit summer: linen pants, shorts, Bermuda shorts, etc.

Brazil honored

Brazil is the first flip flops manufacturer in the world, not surprising when you know that Brazilians are in year-round! The trend marks are Brazilian: Havaianas and Ipanema competitor take the top billing for several decades.

Ecological, engaged in the struggle for the respect of the environment, these brands offer trendy styles in bright colors. With a pair of their feet, you are certain not to be deceived.

The German brand Birkenstock is famous for the sheer comfort of slippers, with the famous insole that is special about the house. Stylish unless its Brazilian counterparts, the Birkenstock are nevertheless timeless.


Whether you flip flops or sneakers, these shoes are a must when summer arrives. Both trends and casual, these lightweight and comfortable shoes add style to your ankles and quickly become indispensable for all your summer outfits!

Can not decide between the two? Their reasonable prices lets you invest in each model! I can not wait for the vacation…