Shoes Spring Summer 2016

Counterattack flat shoes, return to the sources of the sneakers and declensions of Spartans: the it-shoes from spring 2016 have once more typed us in the eye. Panorama of the finest shoes spotted at recent parades.

While we just close our good resolutions modelist, arises now the question oftrends from spring 2016 , and more particularly those shoes. What shoes will allow the fashionistas influential to trample the bitumen in a stylish way? To try to respond, it has watched, scrutinized, analyzed the lower pair who have trooped to the feet (admittedly, a bit twisted) models of the fashion shows. This is what we took in.

The mules died, vivid mules

If there are many shoes that can be described as the term a hackneyed bit ofit-shoes next summer, they are undeniably mules. Of Balenciaga to VictoriaBeckham, via Burberry and Ralph Lauren, these shoes have been revised and corrected by many creators, each going his personal twist. Some have perched them on platforms of Cork while others have them wearing the classic stiletto heel 5 cm, version year 90 Has also been mules in their more sleek, many models not being reminiscent of Oriental slippers, especially among AcneStudios. Finally the models provided with only a broadband are likely also strongly influence the brands of shoes for next summer.

But that’s not all. Rock pointed boots, imposing flat sandals, warlike Spartans, stylized white sneakers or even babies lamées, spring-summer shoes will not fail to surprise us and awaken in us a desire to which even our banker could succumb.

Learn about the it-shoes that will mark the spring-summer 2016 in the slideshow.