Shoes to Take on Holiday

In this period it will happen to you to have to pack your luggage for holidays but having to deal with a few kg of baggage that we provide the areas or companies with the boot space to be divided among the participants in the holidays!

Do not it is never easy to choose what to bring and what to leave at home, especially if you love fashion and you do not do is think about how all of the essential components of our huge wardrobe!

If for clothes, at least in summer, the choice is simpler and the bags we have already talked last week that I have always immense difficulties to select shoes that are always would bring in large quantities without having really need!

This year I tried to make a fairly accurate selection and narrowing to 4, High 5 pairs shoes to take on holiday! Let’s find out together!


Indispensable and inevitable are the sneakers that are comfortable choices and very colorful!Since they are quite heavy it is preferable to wear them during the trip so as not to burden the luggage! My favorite are the Superga which I find very comfortable and also very eye-catching patterns, the slip-ons are also a good alternative because they are well suited to summer and versatile, while Nike are suitable for most sports you love to be comfortable, but dress fashionable!


Inevitable then, if the destination is the sea, are the espadrilles that I prefer to choose in fantasies or unusual materials! Beautiful ones Manebì pony or lace, and also those of Stella McCartney in jute, they are all very light and allied valid in holiday destinations!


As for high heels, I know it’s hard to let them all go home, but I assure you that a couple may be enough, especially because at night you can look smart and sophisticated at sea even with a pair of flat shoes! Since we only have one place for high heeled shoes I recommend you pick a couple very neutral so you can use them as much as possible, combining them with almost any look you have in your suitcase!


Flat shoes, as we said, in the summer are really inevitable, and nothing is better than a pair of flat sandals to pack! They are perfect to get around town and for going out at night for dinner (of course depends on the model you choose)! Most Popular this year are very neutral colors (white, beige or leather) and shall be selected or super essential or very impressive as these white high-top shoes and tank Windsor Smith!


Inevitable, finally, the Filp Flops in their suitcase can not miss! I must admit to having cheated, saying that he had brought with me on vacation only 4 pair of shoes… my white lie did not foresee the inclusion of Flip Flops in the “shoes” because they are small small, not seen in almost no suitcase… you agree with me?

My favorite remain Havaianas although there are many other models that deserve and are absolutely perfect to come with you on vacation!