Shoes Trends Summer 2016

Sneakers for the ballerinas, via mules, sandals or the Spartans, overview of trends shoes spring-summer 2016.

Like it or no, the shoes of the spring-summer 2016 will be under the sign of ease and comfort. Farewell vertiginous heels, flat operates a return on the front of the stage that more was expected, the creators who has spent recent years is heady years past we imagine high perched.

Thick sandals
Under their air of Orthopedic shoes, the massive Sandals marked on the spring – summer 2016 have priori shows what leave us skeptical. And yet, from Chanel to Alexander Wang, all luxury brands to conspired to put at our feet this summer to the lines thick and bulky shoes, but no not less minimalist.
Way tap shoes with platforms at Burberry, Victoria Beckham or even Paul Smith, they’re rock’roll at Alexander Wang, sixties at Fendi see totally futuristic public School. If the aesthetics of some models sometimes inadequate, we have no doubt that others will easily seduce us. Hashtag , webelieve.

Flat mules

Leather or lace, light and delicate or on the contrary, heavy and imposing, the mule returns for the spring-summer 2016 under a new day. Finished the mules to impassable heels to the Carrie Bradshaw, they attempt to seduce us with a flat version that will follow us from the city to the beach.

The Spartan

That would be the hot season without a nice pair of Spartans ? For the eyelet, these rising ultra Sandals modernize in modernist versions that are more in the open boot as the shoe of summer notably at Kenzo and Elie Saab.Conversely, the Spartans are thin and fragile Erdem or Alberta Ferreti for a look at femininity.

Boots for summer

Marked especially on every podium, the boots play extensions and are invited in the spring locker room. Essential British creators, we sometimes find them leather at J.W.. Anderson, sometimes openwork at Burberry and Peter Pilottosee squarely in python at Christopher Kane. Paris fashion week were not to be outdone, boots displayed under futuristic traits under pen of Karl Lagerfeldfor Chanel or in a rock spirit at Céline or Acne Studios.


Gone are the days where the creators pimpaient sneakers to shots of diam’sand valuable fabrics: the real sneakers, streetwear, 90s version now take their revenge. Worn with an evening dress from Marc Jacobs, a suit of working-girlat DKNY or grunge fashion at Alexander Wang, they return to their urban origins for raw and authentic quickdraws.

25 pairs of sandals offset to get off on the right foot

Thanks to their chart presence and their shimmering approach, offset heeled shoes are block with the spring-summer collections in 2016. Overview in 25 models.

23 pairs of sneakers to wear around town

Synonymous with sunny days and paid leave, espadrilles are getting a season more in our suitcases for the summer, merrily swapping its allure Provençale for urban inspiration and sophisticated confections. Anthology of models to take ownership.

50 it-shoes that will mark the spring-summer 2016

Counterattack flat shoes, return to the sources of the sneakers and declensions of Spartans: the it-shoes from spring 2016 have once more typed us in the eye. Panorama of the finest shoes spotted at recent parades.

20 pairs of shoes that will be this summer

Sneakers, shoes, sandals… Discover our selection of the finest 20 pairs of shoes for the spring-summer 2016!

25 pairs of sandals that set the tone

With a fierce sensuality and graphical charm, sandals, perched on vertiginous heels, carry high the more prepared silhouettes. Focus on 25 models of the 2016 edition.

40 pairs of flat to hang out this summer sandals

Spartans, spaccia, tap dance or simple barefoot: check out our selection of flat Sandals for spring-summer.

10 pairs of sandals to shopper now

Basic summer by excellence, the tropézienne sandal back annually in the spring-summer collections. Worked in a classic or ultra-sophistiquee version, she dresses the feet in any lightness.

Can you still wear the ballerinas?

Find them very practical, there are still some doubts about their legitimacy mode. Focus on our flat shoes favorite: ballerinas.

For or against: the Slipper trend?

Iconic shoe, the Slipper escapes from the souks to conquer the fashion catwalks, seductive a generation of fashionistas in search of a look sharp, but also authentic.

And if we (re) wore the boots?

Revised and corrected by the creators, the co-producer 2016 version combines its American origins on a mode cleaner but resolutely modern. Back on a pair of boots that always overcomes its obsolescence.

For or against: the return of the mules?

Wearing mules or not wearing: that will be the question of the spring-summer. Between slipper and slipper, decryption of a comeback that could make talk.

Why I never leave my Havaianas?

Basic Beach, the tong Havaianas are actually a real security blanket of feet, summer and winter. And guess what? Speaking around me to my “addiction tong”, I quickly realized that I wasn’t the only one to never leave my Havaianas. Explanations.

K-Jacques: the success of a family

When is summer, the sandal K Jacques is such a ritornello, put on our ripatons! Timeless, it runs through the years without ever taking a ride. Pampers celebrities and fashionistas, endures this iconic sandal born of a family history, as its founders, three generations.

In the footsteps of the legendary espadrille…

If the story goes that the sneaker was carried by infantrymen of the King of Aragon, she has now become a true fashion accessory. What is the real story of this simple and lightweight shoe? Let’s go in the footsteps of the legendary espadrille…

The Birkenstock, why she became a cult?

Discounts to the taste of the day by the model Heidi Klum in the 2000s, it took nearly two centuries to Birkenstock to earn its place in the fashion shows. Johann Adam Birkenstock orthopedic shoe history yet at the end of the 19th century. Back on the adventures of one of the oldest brands of shoes.

The shoe back on the story of a must have

With the return of the seventies trend, the hoof is the essential accessory for spring-summer 2015. Back on the rise of a popular shoe star.

How Havaianas flip-flops have become cults?

With a name that has a scent and summer sun, the Brazilian brand Havaianas (“Hawaiian” in Portuguese) has managed to put on around the world. What is his secret?

Platform shoes from the 1940s to today

Known for their thick sole and high-perched look, wedge shoes roam the universe of fashion for decades. But whence their success?How to wear? Our site tells you all!

Can you wear UGG in the summer?

There was a time where to wear UGG by 40 ° was the height of fashion. Today the brand of boots filled has understood that his followers had trouble leaving his feet doudous whatever