Shoes Wiki

Shoes are footwear that mostly covers the foot up to the ankle and is used for practical reasons, but may well be carried out with a view to aesthetics.


Shoes may look different, but the basic structure is the same.

All shoes have a sole to protect the foot against the ground. The sole can be made from many different materials, but in modern times most often by different kinds of rubber, polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The sole can be single crafted, in one material and one layer, or more complicated in several layers and different materials. When there are multiple layers of soles can there be talk of the outsole, insole and mid-sole.

Shoe Types

There are so many different shoe types, there are shoes for any situation:

At the back of the shoe sits the heel, that protects the heel of the foot, and is often made of the same material as the shoe. The heel can be high for aesthetic reasons or to get the person to work higher, or be completely flat for convenient and comfortable.

Pump Heels

The sole will be held in place of the bodice that can completely cover the foot, or just be thin straps. Upper leather can provide protection of the foot and can be made from eg. fabric, leather or rubber.

Various types of closing mechanisms allow to open the shoe and take it on and off. This can be the laces, velcro, zippers or buckles. Shoes and shoelaces together form a waist.