Shoes with Platforms

Nothing like shoes with platforms to get high without effort. Selection of 15 models for a non-standard look.

If we had to choose a pair of shoes it to spring 2016, it would certainly bederbies to platforms. Initially identified at the feet of the fashionistas, the more experienced, here which captured our closets to shoes. But why such excitement around these UFOS?

Where did it come from?

Before ending up in the window of the Minelli, Jonak and other Cosmo Paris,Derby to platform walked the catwalks and more specifically that of Stella McCartney repeatedly. Quickly adopted by the Queens of the streetstyles butalso some celebrities to Kendall Jenner, these shoes have quickly become indispensable to appropriate.

Why we love?

From a practical point of view, the derbies to platforms offer us literally everything we dream : a little height, history of swing a little silhouette, and comfort (because, no it’s not a bad word), the soles to stay flat as in Stan Smith. But is not the only reason for our worship: If you love these shoes, but also for the sharp mode button they bring to all our outfits.

How to wear?

Shoes to platforms is widely sufficient to itself, they are associated with basics like high waist jeans, right shirt and a fluid trench. Way General, we mix with pants a bit loose, rolled ankles and unisex pieces.