Shoes Women’s Ready-To-Wear Egyptian-Inspired by Patricia Rosales

The influence and the fascination of the Egyptian culture often are object of inspiration in fashion collections. In this case, the signature Patricia Rosales, Almeria source, and I have to say that I didn’t, I was surprised by the charm and originality of their designs. ALREADY sab´´eis that I couldn’t teach them with the passion I have for shoes.

Rosales has equated the footwear at the level of the fine jewellery, through its new ready-to-wear collection. A collection where we introduce ourselves in a world loaded with luxury, the same that surrounded the large Queens and Egyptian pharaohs, but interpreted with a refined sophistication, designed for modern and urban, and especially very exclusive proposals because they are designs that we cannot see in any store.

Zapatos-Joya, whose soles have recorded the Udyat, the eye of Horus, a solar emblem which provides a cosmic stability, according to Egyptian culture. Like Christian Louboutin’s signature by their red soles, Rosales has decided, a destintivo stamp.

The other signs, are materialized by semi-precious stones, features of this epoch: lapis lazuli, the reef and the Turquoise, They adorn the almerian designer creations. See an example in this lovely heel.

And speaking of heels, one of the details that have called me attention are the original high heels. Sensual designs of endless heels, many of them peep – toes modern, they have a slightly narrower hole.

These are divine!!

I have really enjoyed the Blue models to combine with jeans. Well in shoe, well laced designs.

Many platforms, both hidden and views.

Shoes for parties, weddings and events that surely you dazzle, because they are little seen designs.

But there is also space for the flat sandals

In the color palette highlights Gold, black, the range of the land and the rest of shades of the Empire of the Pharaohs.

Designs carved in snakeskin, which makes reference to another of the Egyptian symbols, the cobra, mixed with suede and semi-precious stones.

Patricia Rosales He has received the Prix International Fuenso Shoe Designer, who recognizes it as one of the most promising international footwear industry. We can see your designs in the most sophisticated boutiques located in cities such as Dubai, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Riyadh and Madrid.