Should You Wear Squat Shoes

You can be seen in your gym, beefy guys who wear squat with thick heels shoes. They wear them especially for this fiscal year, or for the deadlift (or any other exercise at the helm supported type thrown, front squat etc.).

These squat shoes are designed to raise the heel of the practitioner and allow him to work around the problems of mobility.

But Schwarzenegger, he was squatting there barefoot him?

Yes, but Schwarzenegger, he had a perfect squat form, is your case?

If you are not able to correctly distribute your weight on your feet and you are unable to keep your right column when you load the squat bar, then you better maybe you find a good pair of sneakers of squat.

Squat shoe you will prevent a bad form of movement and will warn you of possible injuries that might occur at the bottom of the back.

Attention however: the shoe must not to so much to become a solution permanent, these sneakers should teach you and help you adopt a correct form of the squat movement, and once this form is mastered, try to do without.

You can for example alternate barefoot series and series with your shoes for the squat. This isn’t as long as you need to throw away your weightlifting shoes once your perfect movement, you can use it for many other exercises, such as the bench press.

In summary:

  • The heels of weightlifting shoes help to keep straight during the squat and prevent a collapse caused by imbalances of the muscles of the lower body
  • Shoes for the squat can necks help if you are early in your ‘career’ of bodybuilder, but on the other hand they can hinder your performance later
  • If you have a stronger than the other quadriceps (dominant) and that adopt you a narrow squat position, squat shoes are made for you!

The best shoes for the squat

The NIKE Romaleos 2 are designed to be able to handle any load. If you lift in competition (like, really heavy), then these Nike certainly are the best choice you can make. They are also very flexible, the heel is made of TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), a very accomplished technique that offers unparalleled quality without adding weight to the basketball! These squat shoes are truly designed to provide transfer of force O.P.T.I.M.A.L!

Also, you will be very satisfied with the cushioning of the shoe, which is supplied with two different soles. A rather rigid for those who make the competition, another rather flexible training.

The heels are very wide and perfectly ensure weight transfer. Practitioners are more that satisfied with the grip of the shoe, which allow no movement of unwanted feet!

The strips on the top of the shoe ensure that your feet are perfectly blocked and secured. The Romaleos protects perfectly the injuries.


This pair of weightlifting shoes offers a robust and well finished appearance, it offers a multitude of colours, what assorite any outfit of bodybuilding! The design is very successful.
On paper, the Nike Romaleos is not much against her and she well deserves 5 stars, the other side of the coin, it is to pay the cost of quality with this pair of shoes…