So You Can Make Your Summer Boots Suitable for Winter

The temperatures are suspiciously close to the zero point, the clothing layers become thicker and the beautiful summer clothes hang more and more often in the closet.  That it is not absolutely necessary and how you can combine your summer parts also in the winter,we have already betrayed you. But what about the summer shoes? Can we comfortably bridle our bright sneakers or the shoes of thin fabric from October to Easter?

So you make your skates winterproof

Whether you choose your chucks or choose other cloth shoes-you can easily protect them from moisture by using a cheap and uncomplicated method. Grab a tealight. But beware! Choose the wax color in the color of your shoes, otherwise there are unsightly spots and the shoes are ruined-because we do not want the candle to the wick but to the wax!

This is to be done

Set the oven to low temperature, place the tealight on the middle of the baking tray and wait 5-10 minutes. As soon as the candle is as soft as your palm(not liquid), you can take the inside of the candle out of the aluminum holder and rub gently over the surface of the fabric. We advise against using a lighter to warm up the wax, since soot particles form and so unsightly streaks can be left on the shoes. The wax protects the absorbent fibers and even lets the moisture repel the shoe.

Open shoes

The wax cord is a way to prevent the penetration of water in cloth shoes. But what is to be done when the shoes are open? Talk to: Sandals, Loafer & Co.? Here is a very simple method, but it takes some courage: Socks! Really read. You can wear your Loafer simply with colorful statement socks. You can also wear sandals on winter days. However, the flat models are not suitable here. The”Sandaletten im Winter” look is preferably to be implemented with plateau heel, since socks protect against cold however not from moisture.