So You Clean Your White Sneakers Effectively

Bright sneakers unfortunately quickly lose their radiant glow and look rather dirty gray. This is normal when used frequently.  Unlike colorful sneakers,however, you can not just throw them into the washing machine. The heat and the detergent in the trommel would cause the adhesive to dissolve. This gives the white shoes an unsightly yellow edge. So that the shoes really get white, we have put together the best household cleaning tips – without washing machine.

Tip 1: Use bleach to clean the rubber sole

When using this trick, one should rather work with rubber gloves. The bleaching agent can otherwise deprive the hands of their hands in the short term and so dry them out. Then take a cotton swab to hand, then add some bleach and so the rubber sole of the sneakers spread, advised by holidaysort. If the agent is properly absorbed and dried, the soles radiate again in bright white.

Trick 2: Clean white sneakers with baking powder

Firstly, rinsing agent should be put into a glass in the same proportion to baking powder and mixed. Mix the resulting liquid with a toothbrush and then spread it out on the shoe in circular movements. After application, the mixture should be applied briefly before wiping the resulting foam with a damp cloth. Caution: When wet, the sneakers can only appear gray. As soon as they are dried, they have their white color.

Trick 3: sneakers lend new luster with toothpaste

Place a small blob of rinsing agent on a rinse brush and work in circular movements into the sneakers until foam forms. Leave in for a while and dab the shoes. Then add a little toothpaste to the rinse brush and repeat the procedure. Dab the excess foam. Even now the white sneakers can still look gray. Just leave the shoes for a few hours and let them dry, then they are clean again.