Socks Trends Winter

You may have noticed, looking at the trend on the catwalk proposed last February, newspapers and advertising campaigns outlets in recent days, as the stockings this year are definitely back in the foreground.

The hosiery brand and trendy as Red Sox Appeal and Sarah Borghi give us a hand for this fall proposing socks, stockings and socks trendy enriched with details tonal wool, knitting lace, glitter details and bright colors
as they wear ? The ways to best match the socks are different and, due to the new releases in stores recently, you can fully satisfy all requirements since there socks designed to be combined with most popular footwear of the season.


Personally I love this kind of match and is definitely a very chic way to match these men’s shoes and make them a bit ‘feminine. The best thing is to match the lace and stockings to the ankle pants, but also midi skirts or college style are perfect!


This is perhaps the most classic combination and gettonato: matching ankle boots with heels or low shot in socks in wool or with trendy details that make your look unique and very comfortable. Choose socks a little ‘vintage and possibly in autumn and warm colors that will make your look unique!


Décolleté and sandals paired with socks are probably the boldest and most effective choice to best express this beautiful trend, but unfortunately, if you do not have thin and long legs, you have to deal with the effect of “short leg and squat” they create. Overcome this problem, however, it is not impossible, just choose the right combinations as ankle pants or midi below the knee that can readjust the figure!

As a general rule, finally, always choose stockings contrasting with your look that catalyze the attention and make special and unique your combination.