Stonz Boots for Big Kids – Sweepstakes and Test

Suddenly, the fall is over. Even if the weather with beautiful rays of the Sun spoils us, the days are shorter and cooler. It is high time to capture the winter wardrobe. Choosing the right winter shoes for children provides us each year a challenge. Especially since you can not make predictions about the nature of the upcoming cold snap with certainty.

I expect every year with temperatures of Siberian proportions. The corresponding metre high snow-capped mountains will be – replaced by cold mud certainly.

Even if I personally love to wrapped with a tea, book, or a movie on the couch would spend the winter time as follower of the cocooning in a blanket, I know: play is duty no matter what the weather. Enjoy the winter in all its diversity, are the perfect winter boot. It is even at sub-zero temperatures wonderfully outdoors’s lets play.

My yearly growing check list for the shoe selection:

  1. hot
  2. water repellent
  3. convenient
  4. non-slip sole
  5. easy to put on
  6. to ventilate well
  7. high-quality

If they are also stain resistant and as neutral to the remaining dressing fit, I almost got it! purchased. What is missing? The approval of the next generation. Who thinks boys are less picky is wrong. What is wrong is not tightened later. So I would venture no more experiments.

This year, our children’s feet in the Bootz by Stonz are packed winter warm. They were way more friendly us to test left and I am very satisfied, as they meet in fact anywhere in my list. The company from Canada’s harsh and wet West Coast specializes boots for active bullies from the baby up to primary school children.

Since there is currently little point to wait for snow we made a first dry test with the boots at the weekend. Romp, run, jump in the autumn leaves and of course had to be tried, whether they’re good for playing football.

And that says Friedrich: I find full good Mama, because they are so beautifully thick and have three locks and they are so nice and warm. I can confirm and remember with a smile how carefully the junior in the undressing and dedicated to each individual closure. It seems particularly important to him.

The non-slip sole and the flyweight of the boots of Stonz immediately convinced me. Even if the Bootz slightly chunky look, the lightweights weigh no more than shoe. The uppers are waterproof, so that after an excursion the shoes can ventilate out, they have a removable inner lining. Clearly a major selling point, so you can easy to check whether the little feet have not outgrown the shoes, on a regular basis.

Because Canadian children have apparently little feet, I do not recommend to the size to buy. Stonz has a great size guide. Actually you need only the foot length of the child, then everything works.

CONCLUSION: Our first Stonz shoe test more than succeeded! From now, we will probably repeat-offender…

Stonz sweepstakes

Who also wants to test the great Stonz boots, has the chance to win a model in its desired size:

So, you could win the shoes:
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2. leave a comment under the post here or on our Facebook page and says what is most important for you when choosing the childrens boots and why your child should win. Gladly you can also see our image with Instagram comment.
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Good luck!