Strawberry Sandals, Prices

The feet of the children began to be attended by a brand that really cares about comfort. From 1971, when Grendene was founded, it was already a success and in a short time the company has won the taste of the national consumers. The company manufactures  sandals from Moranguinho at great prices.

Grendene and the Strawberry Sandals

Grendene today is one of the biggest manufacturers of shoes in the country, this is due not only to the comfort that the company prioritizes in its shoes, but also to follow with great quality the tendencies of fashion. Grendene has a special line for every age, with women having a variety of options from Grendha, the Raider was already popular for both sexes. Today it serves the masculine, feminine and children’s audiences as in the case of the boys who can destroy with collections like the one of the spider man and the girls that besides the melissinha count on the line of the Strawberry. Get to know the following  sandals from Moranguinho, prices.

Strawberry Sandals

The Moranguinho sandals have different sizes to suit all phases of the kitten, from the nursery with the numbering of the baby line of sizes 17 to 23 and the line of children number 23 to 34. The material is resistant itself for the phase in which The kids do a lot of turmoil. The design of the Strawberry Sandals is very delicate and at the same time fashion, not to mention that the character draws attention from the beginning of the 90’s, so and for the delicacy the Strawberry sandals are the preference of the girls.

Models of Sandals of Strawberry Shortcake

We then select models of Strawberry sandals with the place where to buy and the price, we remember that very often Grendene launches a new sandal of Strawberry, reported by FINANCEDNS.

Sandals on the Catwalk

– Sandal Grendene Strawberry Jelly Fruit-17 to 26-Pink

For $ 39.99

– Sandal Grendene Strawberry Jelly Fruit-17 to 26-Pink

For $ 39.99

– Grendene Strawberry Children’s Sandal-23 to 33-Red

From: R $ 49,99 For: R $ 19,99

– Grendene Toddler Chic Sneaker Chic-17 to 25-Red

For $ 39.99

– Grendene Toddler Chic Sneaker Chic-17 to 25-Pink

For $ 39.99

– Grendene Strawberry Short Sneaker-23 to 34-Red

For $ 39.99

– Grendene Strawberry Short Sleeve Sneaker-23 to 34-Pink

For $ 39.99.

To buy the shoes from Moranguinho at Passarella just go to the online platform on the link and get the best prices and the best payment options. Please note that the above prices may change according to company policy. The survey was conducted on 06/23/2017.