Strip Sandals: Models, How to Use, Photos

For all occasions, there is a correct model for shoes leaving production flawless. It is important to have special attention when combining the shoe with the look to ensure the silhouette values and provides harmony. Learn more about this and check out  how to wear strappy sandals .

Strip Sandals Models, How to Use, Photos

Models of strappy sandals

The  gladiator style, name given to the warrior slaves in ancient Rome is back. For the summer of 2014, nothing more current than bet on the models that match with the skirts and shorts, since the piece leaves only the legs on display. The look made with striped sandals makes the look more sensual. The other models may present strips up to knee height, but some pass only at the ankle level.

No matter what your style, be it daring to wear high-heeled sandals or if you are more demure, the models of strappy sandals will be the trends for the feet in summer 2014. The model created by Tom Ford is one of the Most used and the sandal above the knees. The Versace brand bet on longer models and presented a new collection for the summer.

Stylist Alexander Wang presented models that have tiaras attached below the knee. The most printed and differentiated models gain more prominence, as is the case of Proenza.

How to Wear Striped Sandals

  1. The  heel sandal and thin  strips is back trends of fashion fashion on all fashion catwalks. These pieces can be used in many different colors and combinations.
  2. These models of sandals help lengthen the silhouette and works very well along with dry modeling pieces with dresses, pencil skirts and tight pants.
  3. Bet on the use of pieces that match your style. The ideal is to bet on sandals with jeans, dresses, skirts, blouses and other models that value the look.
  4. Strappy sandals are best suited for evening makeup. For the day, the pieces should be used in lighter shades so as not to overload the look.

The  sandals with straps  are models that are among the fashion trends. The sandals with ankle straps  can be used in combination of several. Bet on how to use these pieces and look at the visual. Sandals with strips can be combined with several pieces of clothing, choose the ones that suit you best.