Style Tips for Casual Sportsman

The blog starts a series of posts about style. Today the look tip is for the casual sportsman. Women already know and men are learning that every situation-work, college, church, shopping-needs different pieces.  A by clicking here you can check out the tips of the stylish contemporary man.

These style tips are intended for each man to identify, through the images, what style and what to use, what are the trends of the moment, what is good and current.

The causal sportsman style is the open wings of this series of posts with looks tips to inspire men who fit in this way when it comes to dressing.

Casual man sportsman style

When you think about this style of dressing, it soon comes to mind that the guys are in rather out-of-the-way or uncompromising clothes with low-quality clothes and accessories. The image, usually associated, is that of the guy who wears shorts, warm-up pants, and the heart team jersey.

But, yes, there are good and interesting options for casual sportsman style, including even a blazer.

Characteristics of the man with casual sports style

When it comes to your favorite color combinations, the sporty / casual style does not like to waste time thinking about combinations.

He buys when he needs it, does not like to waste time and enjoys facilities.

Even when it comes to thinking about fabrics you prefer the ones that are easier to take care of. Therefore, the preferred clothing is one that is practical and simple, and of course this is true for accessories (purses, briefcases, wallets, belts, bracelets, glasses of sun,) and for the shoes, which essentially need to be comfortable.

Get to know a little about the predominant style of casual sportsman:

The key word for this type of style is: COMFORT.

Essential piece: a good shirt, but can also be a good jeans.

Fabrics: cotton, linen, nylon, velvet, natural fibers, non-gloss fabrics.

Colors: primary colors (especially white) and simple combinations.

Shoes: always comfortable, rubber soles, comfort line.

Bags and briefcases: backpacks, crossed straps on the body, bags, the idea is always practical.

Accessories: they are simple, nothing ostentatious.

In the images we separated some tips of looks that are basic for the man who likes a casual sporty look. But, of course, there are other options.

A  good leather moccasin never goes out of style. Proof of this is that you always see varied models in the major windows of shoes and the men’s fashion. The men ‘s moccasin goes great with denim pants or jeans. A white trouser with plaid shirt, a piece that can not be missing in the wardrobe, it fits very well. In warmth, the men’s leather moccasin fits very well with shorts, giving an unpretentious sophistication.

Hint: The long pants flatten the silhouette and create a different look than expected. Therefore, give preference to pants that end at the ankle or bet the fashion of pants with folded bar.

Nothing better than providing the feet with something comfortable, like the driver, which are also always fashionable and are required footwear in the closet in modern man. They combine with shorts and more seated pants, shorts and even casual blazer. Wear them without socks, please.

The driver is a version of the moccasin. It is usually made of thicker leather to retain the structure of the footwear. The main difference of this model of moccasin is that its sole is all knurled and embedded inside the leather giving more flexibility to the footwear. Its heel is lined in leather with a high density foam providing excellent comfort to those who wear it. It is essential to drive due to the detail of the sole that extends up to the height of the heel protecting the shoe when driving. Looks good with Bermuda, Pants Jeans and Pants.

So, did you like these tips? Share with the friends? Do you have other suggestions of looks for the man with casual sports style? Send us your suggestion in the comments of the post.