Summer Sales

The balances are now in the starting blocks: will begin on July 5 almost everywhere.

Summer Sales

Also this year the same principle applies here that each season are ready to remind you: do not take along her boyfriend, set a budget before you start your shopping session, wear comfortable clothes to be marched and quickly wud, choose flat shoes and go as far as possible without fail!

As for purchases to do things change every year, even every season, and that’s why I decided to make a mini guide for purchases so that you can address the balances serenely buying only what you really can serve you or for unless you wear this summer, since the balances are always in danger of accumulating unused garments in the wardrobe!


It will seem a bit absurd, but this year I recommend buying trends of the season, there are many and many are so new that will surely also will last the next summer! Some examples?
Shorts patterned, sandals with heels or wedges often, crop-tops, bags with fringes, clothes and a tropical print shirts and optical micro-patterns and, finally, sporty style leaders (including sneakers and heeled sandals rubber).


The balances are also an opportunity to take away some whim and buy items that we usually use little and then we would feel guilty if they buy any doing them a spending spree. You can then take advantage of rebates to buy swimsuits, high heels and general things a bit quirky which surely will use a few times at HOTICLE.COM!


Are the most expensive things in the wardrobe, but also those that we use most often, and, at least as far as I’m concerned, the things I love most!
Take advantage of the balances then to buy leather jackets, denim jackets, sneakers, boots and bags roomy and comfortable to use all year!


If you want accapparrarvi an absolutely must-have item for this summer and also this autumn will never recommend investing in a medium length skirt (MIDI or calf), a boss who absolutely can not miss in your wardrobe and into your suitcase for the holidays!

If, however, the skirt does not convince you much or not for you, just make sure you bring a pair of sandals with ankle strap and heel often, the coolest? Those sand-colored proposed by Chloe and copied everywhere!