Summer Sandals: Male and Female Models

Sandals Summer 2015 male and female models is what you are looking for? So know that there are many models that promise to wedge your feet with style and comfort in this hot season. The sandal is an old acquaintance of women, being responsible for completing casual and formal looks. In the case of men, these shoes have a more relaxed effect.

Sandals summer 2015 male and female models

Check below for a selection of  summer sandals 2015 male and female models:

Women’s Sandals Summer 2015

Women are passionate about shoes. They like to stay inside the main novelties and seek to adhere to fashion trends. In summer 2015, they should bet on stylish, modern and comfortable sandals. See the main trends:

Printed and colorful jumping

The summer season calls for lots of strong colors and prints, so the sandals with printed and colorful heels are making so much success. These pieces, cheerful and relaxed, promise to leave the look with more personality.

Rustic materials

Several consecrated brands, such as Arezzo, have opted for rustic materials to make summer shoes for 2015. Raffia details correspond to one of the main trends.

Gladiator sandal

The gladiator sandal has been kind of forgotten, but now it promises to take care of the feminine look. The main feature of the model is the ankle straps.

Sandals with fringes

Do you like folk style? Then you can not stop wearing fringed sandals. These pieces leave the look with an air stripped and are perfect for the day-to-day.

Comfortable and stylish skirts

The rasteirinha is nothing more than a low and open sandal, that offers comfort and delicacy to the feminine feet in the summer months. This season, brands are betting on stamped or stoneware models.

Men’s Sandals Summer 2015

For a long time, men have limited the wardrobe to slippers, sneakers, and social shoes. Currently, they are more fashionistas and moderninhos, so they bet on the men’s sandals to put on the summer look. It is ideal to combine with Hawaiian shirt:

Birkenstock Sandal

The Birkenstock model was successful in the 2000s, was forgotten for a decade and is now back in full swing. This sandal, popularly known as papete, can be worn with shorts or pants to compose a more stripped-down look.

Leather sandal

The leather is a heavy material and it leaves the masculine sandals with a more virile air. The model is usually very democratic and combines with different pieces of clothing, including those that have a formal appearance.

Now that you already know the top bets of  summer 2011 male and female models sandals, upgrade your wardrobe.