Svennesneakers – or Shoes that Work

To be a man who is far above the average in the number of shoes in the closet, you might think that I may take some unwarranted criticism. When I’m looking for shoes together with my fellow skofagre, I often fall for the simple and pure. With taunts such as svenneskor and stylish with the details (which I actually commented on far too many times for my own taste).

For those who are not too extravagant in their skoval and want to have shoes that go to many different outfits I have picked up some sneakers that are a bit more easygoing. Maybe nothing for sneakerfantasten, but for sneakersvennar that I fit these well into other shoes in hemmasortimentet.

Jamaica Corso Easy 995:-at

Black sneaker from Schmoove with distinct Brogue-allusions. Give your casual attire a little finesse and runs cleanly to a tight stovepipe trousers.

Vans Authentic 522:-at ASOS

White white from Vans! When autumn comes, the shoes in white canvas shoes may not be the hardest rips. But for those beautiful fall days, there is a certain satisfaction in being able to turn themselves into osmutsade shoes.

lindeberg-Courtz blue shoes1500:-onZoovillage

Svenne galore from Zoovillage. It tends to be lively discussions when we mention the j. lindeberg, but here’s a little fresher shoe that works well for all the jeans out there. I’m not saying that it’s neat, but charming in its simplicity.